What about the minimum wage in 2025?  One increase, but a sharp one

In 2024, the minimum wage will increase twice. The first increase was introduced at the beginning of the year, when the minimum wage rose to a total of PLN 4,242. The second increase in the minimum wage will take place from July 1, when the wage will rise to a total of PLN 4,300.

However, it appears that this will be the last year that the minimum wage will be raised twice. This mechanism is activated when inflation exceeds 5 percent.

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The government’s forecasts, presented in the government’s multi-year financial plan for 2024-2027, show that inflation next year will reach just 4.1 percent. This suggests that in 2025, Poles can expect only one increase, but it will be a big jump.

Lukasz Kozlowski, chief economist at the Polish Business Association, said: The minimum wage in 2025 should be at least 4,510.90 PLNThe hourly rate is at least PLN 29.50. This means that the monthly minimum wage will increase from January 1, 2025 by PLN 210.90, or 5.6 percent.

Employment Minister Agnieszka Dzimjanovic-Bak announced changes to the national minimum wage at the end of March.

We are committed to implementing the EU Minimum Wage Directive. The act is basically ready, and we still have the finishing touches. We will provide a rule regarding what percentage of the average salary should be made up by the minimum wage – said the Prime Minister.

The minister wants to “end some kind of absurdity”

However, this is not the end of the changes. The ministry intends to present another proposal aimed at “ending a kind of absurdity.” – Today the minimum wage is not the same as the basic wage. Minimum wage should mean basic pay, and bonuses are bonuses that should be added on top of that – explained the minister. – I announced that we will approach the government with a proposal.

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