12 free games on Nintendo Switch!  The Poles invite players to an interesting promotion

Soon, players will be able to get their hands on a range of products released by QubicGames. The company is starting the year with another interesting promotion that should interest new Nintendo Switch owners.

QubicGames is once again inviting players to a wide-ranging promotion, which, while it may not be available to all Nintendo customers, still requires a simple trick to take advantage of the offer.

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From today until January 15, players will have the opportunity to participate in the event – in this case, all you have to do is own one of the 16 selected products.

Then, on the specified dates, players will be able to download the following titles – From December 15 to 25, QubicGames will be offering fans up to 12 games for free.

Again, in the case of a QubicGames offer, we have to systematically come back to get the next production for free once a day – otherwise we will have to purchase a previously offered item to continue the promotion series.

However, it should be noted that QubicGames is once again offering a promotion for players from the United States, so customers from Poland, among others, must have an account on the American eShop or simply switch to the appropriate region (you can do this via the Nintendo website ).

additional Details can be found on the QubicGames website.

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