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Developer rush at TGA means Swen Vincke ‘forgot’ to announce Baldur’s Gate 3 for Xbox


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December 8, 2023 at 8:05 pm

Larian Studios’ Swen Vincke didn’t announce the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 on XSX/S during The Game Awards 2023 because he had to “cut it short” while accepting the Game of the Year award on stage. The slogan “Please wrap it up,” which was intended to speed up the creators who were speaking, became a (sad) internet meme.

Image source: Swen Finke / The Game Awards 2023.


In his column published today, Maciej Pawlikowski points out the shortcomings of The Game Awards 2023, focusing in particular on the fact that Title awards and the words of the creators who received them are displayed on the sidelines of the event dedicated to them.

Although it was strange to listen to Sam Lake, who “put together” possibly plausible sentences at a very fast pace, the most bizarre moment was when Swen Finke – founder and CEO of Larian Studios and director of Baldur’s – came up. The stage for the third portal’s Game of the Year award.

We expected – as announced – that the release date of this game would be announced on Xbox Series However, as you already know, The third “Baldur” release for Microsoft consoles I left During the 2023 Game Awards – This is the surprise that Larian Studios has prepared for players.

Did Swain Finke forget to mention these “details”? He decided it was enough to write about it x/twitter? None of these things – Not enough time was given, so he could say what basically brought him to the party. As he wrote later x/twitter:

I had only one task: to announce it [premiery Baldur’s Gate III na XSX/S – dop. red.]If we win the prize – sorry, but I’m glad the game is available now.

Why the rush? It turns out that regardless of the music that plays when someone speaks into the microphone for more than a minute, Before the eyes of the speakers It was visible A display with the words “Please turn it on” on it.which can be translated as “please finish” or – slightly colloquially – “please summarize”.

A rush of developers at TGA means Swen Vincke

Source: X/Twitter/Dave Awards.

Naturally, once this information spread on the Internet, Internet users began to create… Memes Which reflects the “magnificence” of this year’s Game Awards ceremony. It can be assumed that such restrictive measures were adopted after Christopher Judge – the actor who played Kratos in God of War and God of War: Ragnarok – spoke for 7 minutes and 59 seconds last year while receiving an award for his performance. However, definitely The organizers failed to reach the golden mean.

A rush of developers at TGA means Swen Vincke

Source: X/Twitter/Brendan Graeber.

This leads to the conclusion that this case will be resolved differently next year — perhaps turning into a joke, like the judge’s speech this year. Jeff Kelly, TGA organizer and presenter, He confirmedHe is open to opinions. Every Internet user Comment With the words: “Your post is long Jeff, you need to keep it short.”

A rush of developers at TGA means Swen Vincke

Source: X/Twitter/Jeff Keighley/Godslayer.

Unfortunately, many of the artists who took to the stage today will probably not be seen at the next concert (perhaps ever). It’s done what’s done, but they and the entire gaming community would certainly prefer the industry’s most important event to look different. Especially since the problem is deeper – our editors discussed it in the GRYOnline.pl podcast from last year.

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