10,429 cases of coronavirus and 124 deaths.  Highest result of the fourth wave

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What about compulsory vaccinations? Cholewińska-Szymańska: There is no such political will now

10,429 new infections and 124 deaths This data has been provided Ministry of Health On Wednesday 3rd November. A week ago (on Wednesday, October 27), 8,361 new infections were detected and 133 people died.

There are currently 8,257 coronavirus patients in hospitals, 692 of whom are connected to a ventilator. 256,015 people have been quarantined. Since the beginning of the outbreak Epidemic 3,045,102 people were infected with the coronavirus, 77,145 people died, and 2,718,452 patients were considered recovery.

More about the epidemiological situation in Poland in Home page of Gazeta.pl.

Anniversary of the Constitutional Court ruling on abortion. Protests in several cities. [ZDJĘCIA]

Corona virus in Poland. Most of the new cases are in Mazowieckie County

The new infections come from the following regions: Mazowieckie (2036), Lubelskie (1761), Podlaskie (708), Pomorskie (654), Ódę (637), Lower Silesia (614), Malopolsky (589), Śląskie (558), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (478), Wielkopolskie (465), Podkarpackie (451), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (439), Zachodniopomorskie (415), Świętokrzyskie (214), 134).

116 hits are untitled data.

The fourth wave of the Corona virus. Vaccinations give stronger immunity than previous infections

Deputy Health Minister Valdemar Kraska said On Republica TV that Wednesday’s data on the infection “should inspire great thinking in terms of compliance with basic safety rules and an approach to safety.” vaccinations“.

According to the latest research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccination gives stronger immunity against COVID-19 infection than previous infections. However, in both cases, the data shows that immunity lasts for at least six months. According to experts, there is currently no test that can be used to reliably assess a person’s degree of immunity. On the other hand, The Lancet published an analysisWhich shows that taking a booster dose against COVID-19 reduces the risk of developing a delta variant.

CT scan of a patient with COVID-19Computed tomography of an unvaccinated patient. 5% of the lungs must breathe

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