March 21, 2023


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Magnetic storms are coming. Experts talk about its effects

In the coming days, we can expect magnetic storms, that is, sudden and severe changes in the magnetic field of our planet. They are caused by increased solar activity observed since mid-January, particularly coronal mass ejections and several solar flares.

Experts from the US government agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the British State Meteorological Service, the Met Office, reported that in the coming days (March 14 and 15) we can expect a moderate moderation. magnetic storms. Its strength is defined as G1 and G2 on a five-point scale for evaluating magnetic storms (where G1 is the weakest storm and G5 – the strongest).

Experts talk about magnetic storms

G1 and G2 thunderstorms can cause slight disturbances in the operation of satellites, power grids, the behavior of migratory animals, or increase the frequency of auroras at high latitudes. G4 and G5 storms are more dangerous. In their case, it is even possible to permanently damage the navigation systems and the appearance of a power outage. Fortunately, they are very rare.

Over 11 years of solar cycles, many coronal mass ejections (emissions of giant plasma clouds) and solar plasma explosions can occur, contributing to the formation of solar storms. Its frequency will increase at the end of the cycle, that is, at the so-called maximum of the Sun, when the magnetic field of the Sun is at its strongest. According to experts, in the current solar cycle, the maximum is likely to decrease in July 2025.

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