Scientists first noticed the cosmic kelon's glow

This astronomical phenomenon has so far been known only from theoretical considerations, but on August 17, 2017, scientists were able to capture the signal from the aforementioned collision – In this case, they were two neutron stars in the galaxy NGC 4993 (the constellation Hydra) about 140 million light-years from Earth.. This event, dubbed GW170817, was accompanied by the production of a strong gravitational wave and electromagnetic radiation, including light.

Plus an exceptionally strong glow (a thousand times stronger than ordinary star fusion) Kelowna accompanies the production of a large amount of heavy metals, such as gold or platinum, or radioactive materials such as uranium. It’s been 3.5 years since both gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation from the merger of two neutron stars were recorded, and further research into this phenomenon has yielded more information about the nature of the kilonite.

All thanks to the research and observations made by a team led by Abrajita Hajela of Northwestern University. Thanks to use Chandra Space Telescope succeeded Detection of X-rays emitted by the so-called aircraft, that is, extremely powerful streams of plasma ejected by the nuclei of galaxies or stars. These elements can move at a speed close to the speed of light.

However, this affects their service life, and therefore the possibility of emitting electromagnetic waves, but in this case it was completely different. Although the accident happened in 2017, The X-ray power decreased very slowlyand from March 2020 until the end of that year, the particulate emission amplitude remained constant.

Photo: CXC/M. Weiss/NASA/CXC/Northwestern University/

Imagine Kelon’s glow

We read in a report published on the NASA website. It is noteworthy that None of these scenarios have been observedSo – anyway – we’re dealing with a hack. Currently, scientists from Northwestern University are focusing on a further analysis of the observed phenomenon. If you can 100% confirm it’s a deep glowthe electromagnetic radiation is expected to become brighter over time and be rediscovered in the next few months or years.

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