January 27, 2023


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Ryszar Filipsky: His burial place has been revealed

Ryszar Filipsky: His burial place has been revealed

Richard Filipsky Matt – this information appeared in the media on October 29. In the profile of the “Major Hubal” association there was information that the will of the legendary “Hubal” was, His funeral will be held quietly.

Shortly after the media announced the death of Ryszard Filipsky, it turned out Some of his children did not know about his passing!

Then the stricken daughter of the actor resumed, To reveal her father’s burial place.

She added that she and her brothers would like to light a candle on her father’s grave. We’ve written more about it Here.

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currently It is already known where Ryszard Filipsky is buried. This information was provided on Facebook by the association “Hubalczyki 1939-1940”.

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