January 30, 2023


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10 things to remember from the last confession

10 things to remember from the last confession

Each player has challenged a celebrity to take part in the next season of the tournament

We were glad to know the preferences of some players regarding the next version Big Brother Celebrities. Tronna Especially the challenge மிட்சு Participate in it, whenHugo Barrett Proposed Charles Hemelin, Martin Proposed Christine Moranci, Mark Antoine Named Etienne Paul, Stephanie Named Roxane BruneauAnd PL Recommended Pierre Bruno Because he is retiring.

Was able to attend even a small visit Lysine In the vault with immunity MartinAs well as the player records of the best liars and leading allies in the tournament.

We also wonder why Valerie Carpentier She wore glasses throughout her confession, and for whatever reason she did not speak at home or in the studio … just like that Kyline QuayIt was very sensible.

Bonus: Final Chapter Stage managers

Kim Rusk And John Thomas Wear their best clothes Stage Managers Gala To get their special guest, the big winner Big Brother Celebrities2, Stephanie HarveyAs well as Mary-May And Claudia Bouvet! Along the way, the host both presented some Blacks d’Or gifts for the fun moments of the season. To Check it all out again, it’s here!

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