Online gambling is growing rapidly, there are more offers on the market, the players’ number is increasing, and revenue is growing. The gambling market has been steadily developing over the past decades, but a special growth spurt came in 2020, when the pandemic forced hundreds of millions of people to go remote. People began to spend more time at home, it was not possible to visit land-based casinos, so online gambling literally flourished. In 2022, the online market will grow, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Trends in 2022

Gambling is cyclical, so trends change according to forecasts. Some sources “fly off”, others enter the top, then all over again. The same applies to GEO. Some major changes are visible and noteworthy.

Trends are formed based on key events in the niche. According to the events that took place in 2021, we can conclude that the trends in 2022 will be as follows:

  • Opening of new GEOs and products. This is due to the legalization of gambling activities in new countries. Since no one paid attention to these GEOs before, the countries will be very promising;
  • The rapid development of esports. Esports has had good growth before, but the pandemic has made its own adjustments, thanks to which the discipline has become even more popular;
  • The growing popularity of cryptocurrency and its introduction as an additional payment and withdrawal method;
  • Integration with VR and AR, which Meta (owners of Facebook and Instagram) has taken a course to work with.

These factors will affect the online gambling market in 2021 and will obviously continue to do so in 2022.

GEOs that are gaining popularity

Those GEOs that previously remained in the shadows are now gaining popularity. For example, in the TOP are Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Nigeria and other African countries. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia are also gaining popularity.

Sweden and Germany are losing popularity – many are tired of working with an expensive market and are looking for more budget analogs. Portugal has entered the TOP — now it is one of the most promising GEOs in Europe.

More trendy live games

The live casino games are trendy now. Casinos have made it their mission to offer competitive ways to spend time on the site.

With the increase in online activity during the quarantine, the best live casinos have found a way to attract and entertain their customers.

Live gambling offers an almost realistic casino experience and special live casino bonuses. Through augmented and virtual reality, players can now experience better 3D and more immersive gaming experiences.

Artificial intelligence

Many casinos intend to implement various types of artificial intelligence to customize the platforms to the tastes of the players. This approach builds on the success of this technology in other industries.

In the field of gambling, artificial intelligence functions in such a way as to ensure the improvement of the tactics and statistics of the player. It observes the gaming process and learns to understand what aspects of interaction can increase the level of users’ satisfaction and comfort. This, in turn, will remove many annoying moments for players, such as slow loading, too loud sound, uneven distribution of winnings or too long waiting for a bonus, and show what features customers are missing.

Also, AI algorithms are already being used to create personalized offers and rewards based on the habits and preferences of a particular person, they also make it possible to speed up the work of technical support and simplify the localization of games into different languages.

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