The options to set up a limited company in Sweden are either to buy an existing limited corporation or integrate a new limited corporation. However, buying an existing limited corporation is generally the simplest form and can be finished in almost two days. Limited corporations can be either private or public, despite that the registration procedures are very equivalent besides issues such as expenses, the board of directors and corporation title.

Besides that, to understand the functionality of financial institutions it is beneficial to see how finance companies in Sweden work and facilitate people. If you aim to start a limited company then registration is the basic requirement that needs to be fulfilled. However, evaluating the progress of existing limited companies can be beneficial, and it can be done through

Registration of a  limited company

Formulate memorandum and articles of association

When you decide to start a limited company, the first thing you need to do is to formulate and publish a record referred to as the memorandum. The memorandum of a limited corporation must along with other things affirm the share fee, details about board associates and the articles of association’s draft. Moreover, the articles of association are a manuscript that along with other things mentions the business activities and title.

Subscribe and spend for allocations

You may also purchase shares in the corporation as a founder. Those who buy shares are recorded as subscribers in the memorandum. The memorandum of action is signed by all the subscribers framing the number of shares they accept. There is no condition that all originators subscribe to claims in the corporation.

The funds need to be deposited to a distinct bank account or spent with other investments than funds contributed in-kind. A public limited company’s share funds must be no less than SEK 500 thousand and of a private limited corporation at least SEK 25 thousand.

Signing the memorandum 

The limited company is formed when all founders sign the memorandum of association.

Apply for signup and pay the cost to Bolagsverket

Use the form Registration (number 816 e) of a new corporation to apply for enrollment in a limited corporation. The application needs to be presented sooner than six months after the formulation of the memorandum of association. You can apply online for enrollment in a limited company if you keep a Swedish electronic identification. It must be noted that information is only in Swedish in the e-services.

Bolagsverket enlists the corporation

Bolagsverket determines to enlist the limited corporation and provides it with a signup number. When the corporation is enlisted, you will get a registration certificate in Swedish. The corporation has now become a corporate body and the company activities can begin.


A limited corporation can be formed by official entities and one or more individuals. You need to have no less than SEK 25 thousand in share funds when starting a limited company

Bolagsverket ( the Swedish Companies Registration Office) and Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) provide assistance with the enrollment of a limited corporation.

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