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June 21st, 2018

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Feature!

The Dark Knight Rises is creeping closer by the day and fan boys and fan girls are getting more and more excited. The studio in an effort to entice fans even more have released  a new clip which focuses squarely on Catwoman as well as new photos for the film. This is the 10th TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises and it focuses on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

I do not watch TV spots and trailers for movies I am looking forward to since studios love to spoil their own films with way to much detail in the marketing materials but for those that do check out the new Catwoman Dark Knight Rises trailer below.

As The Dark Knight gets close and closer there has been a ton of speculation as to what the film will actually focus on .Will Christopher Nolan kill off Batman and Alfred in the last film in his franchse? Luke talks about this and more in his recent feature on the topic. Even more heated is the discussion of a Robin or Nightwing cameo.

A writer for Forbes magazine set the fanboys on fire when he declared that Joseph Gordon Levitt is not only playing a beat cop named John Blake but is in fact also playing Robin/Night Wing. This is a great setup for a spin off that Warner Brothers can then milk more money from but would Christopher Nolan do this? Who knows.

Alot of people have said that Christopher Nolan in an interview made clear he would never put Robin in his movies because it sets the wrong tone but to Mark from Forbes credit he debunked that as hearsay with various internet sources quotting other sources without an actual valid source. The topic of Robin however is very polarizing so much so that when I wrote about it people crapped all over me forgetting the fact I did not break the news or say it was true I just was sharing the insights from Forbes on The Dark Knight and Robin.

What we do know is that with tickets for the opening night being sold for as much as $300 on Ebay this movie is going to be a monster and will definitely crush the spider when it gets released.

Below you can checkout two brand new photos for The Dark Knight Rises which were released today as part of the launch of the official website. The first photo shows Catwoman in prison garbs looking pretty drab.

The second photo shows Commissioner Gordon at a funeral service for Two Face which begs the question… did he die?


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