The beautiful and immersive premiere of Stellar Blade.  The new action RPG costs a fortune, but according to reviewers, it's definitely worth giving it a shot
April 26, 2024, 10:10 am

Action RPG Stellar Blade has made its debut on the market. The Sony exclusive title has already pleased reviewers. Will it be the same for players?

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Many players eager to fight dynamic battles in a beautiful format have been waiting for this day. Today is the game's premiere Stellar Blade – RPG created by the Korean studio Shift Up. Eve's Adventures has already won the hearts of reviewers. Now it's the players' turn.

  1. Star blade Only available on PlayStation 5 consolebut it will also be available on PC in the future.
  2. The game is now available for purchase on PS Store. The basic version is priced at PLN 339. The Deluxe version, which offers a cosmetic pack, 2,000 XP and 5,000 gold, costs PLN 389.
  3. The title presents a cinematic location. He is Available in a version with Polish translation.

New Game+

It should be noted that the New Game+ mode was added to the game through the first patch. This option not only allows players to relive the story with the skills and equipment they've already acquired during their first playthrough, but also gives them the opportunity to develop Eve further. The creators have prepared another set of unlockable outfits for fans (up to 34) and an expanded skill tree. (via GamesRadar+).

Returning to the review, it is worth noting that Shift Up was rated very positively by critics (also by our editorial colleague, Hubert Śledziewski, who gave the game a score of 9/10). Industry journalists particularly loved the addictive gameplay, a mix of games like Bayonetta, NieR: Automata, and Dark Souls. Many compliments also went to the main character, Eve, who was created based on the anatomy of a Korean model.

  1. Stellar Blade – Gray map on PlayStation Store
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