Early Review PULSE (2006)

Posted by: Michael
We sent Shawn the lord of rock and rumble to an early LA screening of PULSE. The film has gotten some negative buzz but Shawn has come in with a review that says its worth your dollars to go see it.  Read his Pulse 2006 Review
High speed data transfers, super wide-band, wifi -- this is the wireless landscape. †Huge volumes of information are traveling through the air. †As we continue to explore these frequencies, we expose ourselves to realms we didn’t even know existed. †We only fear what we can touch, hear, see or taste, but there is potentially so much more out there.
What if our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own? What if, when you turn on your cell phone or log on to your email, you exposed yourself to forces beyond your worst fears? †What if every connection = infection? Kristen Bell ("Veronica Mars," upcoming "Fan Boys"), Christina Milian ("Love Don't Cost A Thing," "Be Cool") and Ian Somerhalder ("Lost") star in "Pulse," a bone-chilling thriller hitting theaters August 11th.


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