John Carpenter talks The Thing 2

Posted by: Michael

John Carpenter told Empire Magazine that he is keen to do a sequel to "The Thing". I have no doubt our Austrian Wonder writer is truly excited to hear this. He and I are huge fans of this great sci-fi flick. Here is what Carpenter told Empire:

I have a great story for Part 2, which kicks off with the two characters left alive at the end of the first one. I’m interested in doing it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Universal is. Well, it’s interested in doing a sequel, but it’s not interested in having me direct it! You know, the studio will end up getting some commercials hotshot to do it, and that’ll be that. I don’t care. I’m certainly not going to beg. These people didn’t even get the original, despite the fact it’s my favourite movie of my own.

You tell em John. You are most right, big studios will grab the flavor of the week and a cast from the WB to destroy your great film with a sequel... or they will do it right, bring back Carpenter and let him remaster his original with a kick ass sequel! I would love to see a sequel. Thanks to Foxfrost for the heads up!


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