6 Best Found Footage 'Were Screwed' Horror Movie Moments

Posted by: Luke

Found footage/first person POV movies have been exceedingly popular over the years. While most of them tend to induce nausea with all the shaky cam footage, I have always been a fan because the medium adds a certain amount of dread, especially with horror movies and if done right makes you feel involved in the experience. If there's one thing that's always present in these film it's that moment or moments where something happens that foreshadows the fate of our characters or puts in that feeling of dread that sh*t is about to hit the fan. While my six choices here are not completely out of left field or obscure enough that there's no chance you've seen them, these are the moments that really had an impact on me.

Obviously there will be heavy spoilers ahead, so if by chance you haven't seen the movie I'm talking about, I strongly recommend skipping that section.

6. The Blair Witch Project: Arguably one of the first found footage films that kick started the wave of modern first person POV movies has long been a film that I have mixed feelings about. It has many moments that creep me out, but the journey to those moments is rocky. While there are quite a few moments you can pinpoint that things aren't going to end well, there's always been one that gives me chills every single time.

The "We're Screwed" moment: When the two remaining protagonists are tracking down the screams of their friend Josh and they stumble upon a house in the middle of nowhere and believe his voice is coming from inside. They enter the house and after searching one finds him in the basement standing and starring at the wall not responding to his own name. THUD! Camera falls and cut to black.

5. Quarantine/REC: Quarantine is the American version of the nearly identical Spanish film REC. The movies themselves contain a premise where you can already guess things won't end well, not to mention a trailer and DVD art that gives you the last shot of the movie. Since the marketing has already spoiled that, I know one shot that's in both films that made me jump in each version.

The "We're Screwed" moment: Shortly after the film crew enters the apartment complex they will be trapped in, the cops and firefighters ascend the steps in search of residents while the film crew stays on the bottom floor. When the reporter is speaking to the camera, a fireman freefalls from above, onto the floor causing a gruesome injury.

4. The Last Exorcism: Still a very recent release, so I must reiterate that if you haven't seen this one, I'd skip everything I'm about to say. The film is full of red flags to the protagonists, many warnings that they should pull anchor and get the hell out. Since it's still so recent I refuse to spell out the ending so I'm going with a moment where I decided that this just is not normal.

The "We're Screwed" moment: When Reverend Marcus has supposedly exorcised the demon from Nell and the crew retires to a hotel miles from the family's farm. They are awakened in the middle of the night to find Nell sitting in the reverend's room, barefoot and confusion over just how she could have known where they were, or what room Reverend Marcus was staying in.

3. Cloverfield: A few years ago when the teaser for Cloverfield played in front of tons of Transformers audience members, the hype hit monumental heights. I am also guilty of obsessively tracking content for the film down, and I went to see the film opening night. I wrestled with what scene to choose but one scene seemed more appropriate than the night vision tunnel sequence.

The "We're Screwed" moment: After Hud and company are knocked out of the sky in their rescue helicopter and are lucky enough to survive. If things aren't bad enough at this point, the air attack sirens are ringing and the planes buzz overhead, Hud looks up to see his worst nightmare lurking right above him. He stands stunned at what he's seeing when the monster gobbles him up, roughs him up a little before biting him in half sending his upper body and camera falling to the ground.

2. Paranormal Activity: I know once this one got released nationwide it got quite of bit of hate over the insane amount of hype. I've also never been shy to admit that it scared the hell out of me, because it really played with things around my own house that creep me out. I was able to see this before the national rollout in an extremely small and intimate theater with an awesome sound system. The sound was cranked up and you could hear every little creek, and the loud moments rocked the whole building, it was an amazing experience. Once I got a chance to see it in a huge auditorium theater I couldn't hear all the things I loved about it the first time, and people missed out on the kind of experience I had, especially if they waited to watch it on DVD. Once again there are many scenes I love, but one brilliant piece of foreshadowing that made my skin crawl that first night in the small theater.

The "We're Screwed" moment: Towards the end of the film when Micah is begging Katie to let him take her out of the house and get the hell outta dodge. Katie is uncharacteristically fighting Micah, saying she thinks it will be better if they stayed, after begging him earlier in the film for them to leave. After Micah storms off, frustrated, Katie says, "I think we'll be ok now." If you listen at that moment her voice changes as she speaks the sentence to a weird demented tone, suggesting that the demon had possessed her and tricked Micah into staying, and gives an devilishly creepy grin. Those that have seen the film know what happens from there.

1. Cannibal Holocaust: This film has been around long enough to develop a reputation for being quite the grotesque feature. While I have seen the film only once, I deducted that once was easily enough for this one. There are many sequences and images that haunt my mind from time to time; therefore I don't ever feel like I have to relive them on my TV again anytime soon.

The "We're Screwed" moment: As if watching the systematic slaughter of REAL animals isn't enough, the whole film is one big "we're screwed" sequence. If you ever think for a second this trip is going to turn out well and there will be a happy-go-lucky ending, you're beyond delusional. Between seeing someone impaled on a stick and seeing someone raped with a stone on the beach it's pretty hard to imagine what more you would possibly need to see in order to decide that you're screwed.


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