Complete List of 30+ Upcoming 3D Horror Movies

Posted by: Michael

Hot off the heels of me doing a piece on all the Upcoming Horror Remakes it got me thinking. Have you ever wondered just how many 3D movies are in the pipes? How about how many 3D Horror Movies are up and coming? Well your in luck because I have compiled a list of all the upcoming 3D Horror movies and although some sound cool when I finished writing this piece I was left with the very distinct question.. why? 3D technology is slick but to often I am hearing how filmmakers are making films geared for 3D rather then focusing on the other elements that make a film great. A strong script, great casting. 3D is great for filling seats but you cant commit all your time and resources just to 3D.

Below is my list of 30 plus Upcoming 3D Horror Movies in Alphabetical order. It is worth noting that a few are just in early talks but most are in fact in the pipes and coming in some shape or form.

Alien 3D: Ridley Scott is not just working on one but two prequels to his ALIEN franchise which will be an origins story and done in 3D. I am all about rebooting franchises when they are bringing in an original angle and Ridley Scott has made it clear that the focus will be on an original story, and of course some splashy 3D technology. Ridley and Tony Scott are producing and hoping for a 2011 release date for the project. Despite reports online Ridley Scott is NOT directing the project Carl Rinsch is.

Battle: Los Angeles: Directed by Jonathan Liebesman its basically Black Hawk Down with an Aliens angle as an alien race invades LA and soldiers have to fight them off in a gritty battle to the death. Neil Mortiz the producer revealed he would really like to release the film in 3D.

Black Friday 3D: Not sure on who is directing this one but Tom Sizemore will star in the film about a  couple who are assaulted while vacationing and enlist their friends to seek out the person and exact their revenge. Kane Hodder is starring as the sadistic killer.

The Birds 3D: Platinum Dunes is remaking the classic Hitchcock horror tale about Birds that are out to get you. Only thing scarier then zombies are killer birds! Naomi Watts will star. Producer Brad Fuller said that he couldn’t see this movie done any way other then in 3D.

Burst 3D: Neil Marshall is a god. From DESCENT to Dog Soldiers and Doomsday he really has made some great films. His next film BURST 3D Is about a group of travellers caught in a blizzard who begin to spontaneously BURSTY ( pretty narly ) and must try to survive

Cabin In The Woods: This is Joss Whedon’s new project about a mysterious cabin in the woods. The plot has been kept under tight wrap but its slated for a January 2011 release. Whenever I hear about this film I think Evil Dead with a new updated twist and if its half as good as Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead we will be in luck.

Drive Angry: Directed by Patrick Lussier the film stars Nicholas Cage and Amber Heard and is directed by Patrick Lussier. The film which will be released in early 2011 is about a man who goes on a revenge filled rampage to avenge the murder of his daughter and her child. Patrick Lussier last directed My Bloody Valentine 3D and is also working on Halloween 3D so he is definitely the leading 3D director at this point for horror.

Dracula 3D: Dario Argento will be bringing us a brand new period piece for DRACULA done in 3D.

Dawn of the Dead 3-D: No we are not talking about Zach Snyders remake. We are talking about the Romero classic. Producer Richard Rubinstein is redoing the film in 3-D with the help of In-Three Inc of Aguoura Hill California. They plan the release the film in 'true 3-d'. Little side note they are also working on a direct sequel to Romero's Dawn of the Dead

The Devil's Commandos: Starring Thomas Jane this one tells the story of a team of elite commandos sent out on a rescue mission who end up opening the gates of hell and fighting against the worst army possible... Satan’s Army. It is directed by Thomas Jane and kind of reminds me of his last project The Mutant Chronicles which suffered badly from to much green-screen. 

Godzilla 3D: Warner Brothers and Legendary pictures are working to release Godzilla 3D in 2010. A remake of the original it will bring in all kinds of new splashy FX and of course 3D. No word on who will direct or star.

The Gate 3D: Alex Winter is directing the remake of the 1980’s classic film about a gate to hell that opens up and a group of kids who must fight off the evil minions. It is currently in pre-production and no release date has been set. No cast information is available. The original GATE had some pretty good visual FX and is one of my favourite 80’s monster movies.

Hidden 3D: HIDDEN tells the story of an abandoned medical center with a dark past. The film is being directed and was written by Mariano Bainio. It is the first Italian 3D Horror Movie.

The Hole 3D: Directed by Joe Dante this film is somewhat similar to the GATE. Its about a pair of brothers who discover a whole in their basement which holds a whole lot of evil.

Halloween 3D: This is a reboot of the franchise once again taking things into the 3D world. Really I have to question yet another reboot of Halloween but IMDB now has this listed as Halloween 3. The remake of Halloween by Rob Zombie was fantastic but his sequel suffered severely from a poor script. Patrick Lussier will be directing this film and Todd Farmer is writing it. Its slated for a Hallowen 2011 release.

Humpty Dumpty 3D: This one I love just based on the concept. The idea is an Alien that goes on a murderous rampage after its mother is abused by hillbillies in the south. Seriously what is not to love about that story? Amber Entertainment is doing the project with David Ellis directing.

Hellraiser 3D: The Weinsteins are working on a remake of the classic tale of torture and terror in 3D. There is no word on a cast or director but the last rumors had Martyrs director Pascal Laugier directing but he has since confirmed his lack of involvement

Nightmare On Elm Street 3D: This one is more of an early rumour but in a recent interview the producers at Platinum Dunes revealed they wanted to do a second Nightmare on Elm Street and add 3D in to the mix. 

Puppetmaster 3D: Can you really go wrong with killer puppets in 3D? Charles Band is the king of b-movie madness and will be bringing his murderous puppets into 3D.

Piranha 3-D: Being released into theatres this August this is a remake of the classic B-movie and stars Elizabeth Shue and Ving Rhames. Richard Drefuss who starred in the original film also appears in this movie. Alexander Anja the man behind HIGH TENSION is directing. You can checkout the trailer for the film below.

Priest: Starring Paul Bettany who just starred in LEGION as an Angel PRIEST it is about a warrior priest who goes against church laws to hunt down vampires that have kidnapped his niece. This film is also set for an early 2011 release and co-stars Maggie Q ( who is stunning ) and Karl Urban (DOOM).

Re-animator 3D: Herbert west will be back in 3D but your guess is as good as mine as to when. Jeffrey Combs will return but in a cameo, not as Dr Herbert West. Elisha Cuthbert is also rumoured to star in the project.

The Ring 3D: I am willing to admit and still feel some fraction of manhood that The Ring scared the crap out of me. I was pretty much terrified of little pale children and wells after this movie. David Loucka will be writing the script.

Ronin 3D: More comic book thriller then horror RONIN is adapted from Frank Millers Graphic novel about a Samurai who goes to a futuristic New York City to battle demons with a mystic sword. Director Sylvain White told MTV they would like to do the film in 3D.

Relentless: Karl Urban will star in this 3D film according to Variety about 4 extreme sports athletes who survive a plane crash in the jungle only to face off against homicidal natives. 3,000 Miles to Graceland director Demian Lichtenste is doing the project which is fantastic news since I loved 3000 Miles to Graceland.

Resident Evil: Afterlife: Directed by Paul WS Anderson and starring Mila Jovovich this is the first 3D movie to use James Cameron’s 3D AVATAR Technology. This is the latest film in the franchise which will hopefully bring back some of the magic of the first film which I was a huge fan of. The trailer for Resident Evil Afterlife can be viewed below

SAW 7 3D: The latest in the long running franchise of 7 films 3D is Twisted Pictures attempt to breathe life into a franchise that for me has long been dead. I really enjoyed the first SAW film but the ensuing sequels have really not done it for me.

Swamp Thing 3D: The last Swamp Thing movie was pretty darn bad but here is hoping that the new 3D Version which Joel Silver is producing for DC will be a heck of a lot better.

Scanners 3D: Another Weinstein project this is also a remake. Darren Lynn Bousman half of the team behind SAW was rumoured to direct back when he was working on REPO THE GENETIC OPERA but I am not sure that is still the case.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D: Stephen Susco who wrote the remake of THE GRUDGE is doing the script for the remake which Twisted Pictures are producing. Honestly we already had a remake through Platinum Dunes and you really know you are hitting new lows when you do ANOTHER remake so quickly and throw on 3D.

Underworld 4: Slated for release in the fall of 2011 this is the latest in the Underworld franchise. I loved the first film but the 2nd and 3rd films for me were luke warm at best. I have a bad feeling that much like SAW7 in 3D this film is being done in 3D for no other reason then to find a way to sell the idea to movie goers.


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