Chris Nolan Takes on Superman, David Goyer Writing?

Posted by: Michael

Superman Returns was one of those movies I wanted to love but just could not. For me the focus was to much on trying to put together a film that mirrored the first and also casting somebody who looked like the original man of steal. Talk of a sequel has been on going for a long time and today we have a bunch of updates.

Variety is reporting that David Goyer has pitched a script that will have Superman doing battle with Lex Luthor and Braniac but according to AICN who spoke to Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures they are not at a script stage yet. So although Variety may be right on the pitching it seems that the filmmakers have not yet accepted the script.

Christopher Nolan who brought new life to Batman will be executive producing the superman sequel. IGN also reports that Jonah Nolan will be writing the script alongside David Goyer which seems to confirm what Variety is reporting. This new Superman Sequel definitely has an all star team working on it so here is hoping it redefines the film franchise for us fans and brings new life to it.


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