SAW 4 Trap Photo

Posted by: Michael
Earlier we shared with you a brand new clip for SAW 4 which was EXTREMELY gruesome and now we have two new pics for SAW 4. The first one is of a new Glass Box Trap and the second one is of Tobin Bell as Jigsaw. He died in SAW 3 but is still in SAW 4... we willl see how well that card gets played.
Following the events of "Saw 3,” Jeff Denlon finds himself in a race against time as he struggles to survive while locked in a building. While searching for his missing daughter in an attempt to rescue her from her cell of horror, he discovers a video made by twisted serial killer Jigsaw which may unlock the clues to her location. There is a new twist to the puzzle and Jigsaw has one more deadly game left to play. It’s up to Jeff to figure it out before it’s too late.


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