Daniel Craig Pissed at Critics

Posted by: Stanch
Lookout the new James Bond is on the war path. Daniel Craig came out swinging in the latest issue of GQ against critics. Craig shared an expletive filled emotion laden experience with GQ saying that critics have gone as far as to make fun of his ears, and bully and taunt him like schoolyard bullies. I gotta say you go get em Daniel. I didnt get invited to see your film, and frankly if its crap I will call it crap but I wouldnt make fun of yours ears. I think Daniel Craig should take the bond-mobile out for some justice on the press. Oh sh*t, we dont qualify as press do we?
The 21st official James Bond movie is directed by Martin Campbell. It's his second time as helmer of a James Bond film. In 1995 he directed the hit "Goldeneye" which introduced Pierce Brosnan to the role of 007 with great success. Goldeneye was one of the biggest smash hits for the Bond franchise.

Ian Fleming's "Casino Royal" was the first James Bond book and finds Bond on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply 'Le Chiffre' - by ruining him at the baccarat table and forcing his Soviet spymasters to 'retire' him. It seems that lady luck is taken with James - Le Chiffre has hit a losing streak. But some people just refuse to play by the rules, and Bond's attraction to a beautiful female agent leads him to disaster and an unexpected saviour...To check out the first teaser trailer click here.


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