George Romero talks Diary of the Dead

Posted by: Stanch
Our friends at Rue Morgue visited the set of Diary of the Dead and Chris Alexander has some great insights. We will have our own set report coming shortly from Tim Hannigan our local man on the street. According to Rue Morgue it would seem that George is redoing the franchise, and Diary of the Dead is the start of a new zombie legacy. The reason he says is that other people own the rights to his films, so he seems to be saying he is just gonna start an all new franchise. Its all good in my books. My only big concern is the comparison to Blair Witch & The First Person Shooting: Quote,
It's not Blair Witch and my style is not Blair Witch, and it's not a purely visceral thing," Romero says. "My style is arch and theatrical, where Blair Witch went for ultra-realistic. Even though it IS shot first person, I'm trying to maintain the artifice and make some potent comments about the observer ... while still supplying lots of nasty zombie stuff."
I am the biggest Romero fan and hold out high hopes for a great film. Here is hoping we get it. George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" began production Wednesday in Toronto, Ontario. Filming will take place in and around the GTA for the next several weeks.  "Diary of the Dead" marks Romero's first independently financed zombie film in over two decades. Written and directed by Romero and produced by Romero-Grunwald Productions and Artfire Films, "Diary of the Dead" returns to the beginning of the living dead outbreak - telling the story of a group of student filmmakers who document their deadly encounters with ravenous flesh-eaters just as the world is first plunged into chaos. The film will showcase Romero's renowned sense of diabolical humour mixed with biting social commentary while utilizing the latest in filmmaking technologies to document the rising of the dead!
Besides Shawn Roberts "Diary of the Dead" also will star Joshua Close ("The Exorcism of Emily Rose", "K19: The Widowmaker"), Michelle Morgan ("Alien Fire"), Joe Dinicol ("Weirdsville"), Phillip Riccio ("Rent-A-Goalie") and Scott Wentworth ("Elizabeth Rex"). The film is represented for U.S. Sales by John Sloss' Cinetic Media and foreign sales by Nicolas Chartier's Voltage Pictures, with several foreign deals already closed.


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