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All the CGI in the world couldnt save the Last Airbender

There are four kinds of movies, at least in my world. My world happens to be one in which there is not a lot of spare cash floating around at the moment, so the list runsthusly: Movies that I pre-book tickets for, so I can see ...
by Tasanee


Living in a Fantasy World: 5 Best Fantasy Movies

So I’ve just popped my head up for air, after playing Guild Wars for 2 solid days, and am busy tasting the bitter pill of shirking all my responsibilities. I read a lot of fantasy novels when I was a kid, and I mean a LOT; gr...
by Tasanee


Tim Burton’s The ‘-esque’ Factor

I’m just going to put this out there: Tim Burton needs to stop making movies and delve into some other medium. Gothic landscape gardening, perhaps. It’s not that I dislike the man’s movies; it’s just that he seems to ha...
by Tasanee