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October 23rd, 2018

GI Joe Retaliation Rules Box Office Despite Negative Reviews

Never listen to the critics when you are trying to predict a box office hit or failure. The film has a failing grade on RottenTomatoes scoring only 29% with over 130 reviews but despite this it had a monster Easter Weekend opening bringing in just over $132million

The film stars Bruce Willis, current 'hit maker' Channing Tatum and my personal favorite action jocket Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. That said even Bruce Willis and The Rock can not make me drop $20 on this movime.

I already suffered through the first film so I will pass on putting myself through the agony a second time of watching GI Joe get defaced on the big screen. I loved GI Joe as a kid and its transition to the big screen has fallen flat in ever possible way.

That said as I noted in the start what I think or what other bloggers think is truly irrelevant since it made $132million in its opening weekend almost making back its insane $152million budget. I can only imagine why this movie cost $152million to make but that is for another day.

Did you see GI Joe Retaliation? Share your review in the comments. How did you find it compares to the original?



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