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May 26th, 2018

Why Dish Network Dropped AMC & The Walking Dead

AMC has an entire site devoted to the whole debacle with Dish Network and as part of said site they remind viewers that they are missing out on some great hit shows if they are Dish Network subscribers including Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Kendra on Top and Braxton Family Values. Lets be honest for a quick second AMC has some great shows but does anybody really give a crap that they can no longer see a reality show based around Hugh Hefners former girlfriend Kendra? Or the Braxton Family?

Dish Network decided not to renew the contract with AMC which means that subscribers can no longer watch Breaking Bad, Mad Men or the smash hit The Walking Dead which is the highest rated scripted drama on Dish Network…. at least it was before Dish Network dumped them.

According to AMC Dish Network dropped them in retaliation for a subsidiary of AMC sueing Dish Network for breach of contract. A subsidiary of AMC is sueing AMC for $2.5billion and within days of a judge denying pre-trial appeals AMC says Dish Network retaliates by dropping them.

Dish Networks outlook on things is quite different from AMC”s. According to Dish Network they notified AMC Networks earlier in the year of its decision not to renew its contract due to AMC’s high costs compared to their relatively low viewership.

“A significant portion of any pay-TV bill goes to fees for content providers like AMC Networks,” said Shull. “AMC Networks requires us to carry low-rated channels like IFC and WE to access a few popular AMC shows. The math is simple: it’s not a good value for our customers.”

According to Dish Network AMC Networks has further devalued its programming by making its handful of popular shows available to consumers via iTunes, Netflix and

“One of AMC’s biggest historical draws has been movies. However, their performance has been trumped by other DISH movie offerings, including the many thousands of titles available on Blockbuster @Home and from top-quality providers such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, EPIX, MGM HD, IndiePlex, and RetroPlex,” Shull said.

AMC is not taking it lieing down and has started a website where they are helping Dish Network customers drop Dishnetwork for other providers who still offer Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. They even have a catchy phone number 1-888-2-drop-dish.  My question to all of you is will you drop Dish to keep AMC?

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  1. Deborah

    Yes, I’m dropping Dish. DirecTV is being installed at my home today. My favorite TV series is Breaking Bad, followed by Mad Men.I live in a rural area & satellite TV is my only option.

  2. Peetp

    I do not have to worry about making that decision, I have comcast. However, if the roles were opposite, I would dump Comcast for dish if the Walking Dead was in jeopardy!

  3. Bigevilworldwide

    So now Dish is on story number 3 as to why they dropped AMC…..So obviously AMC is telling the truth since they had had 1 story and stuck to it. Hell you can actually verify AMC’s story, Dish on the other hand can’t get their story straight since 1st it was they wanted like 50 cents more per subscriber than it changed to they show too many commercials but they keep TNT who shows commercials like literally every 2-3 minutes now its because they were forced to keep IFC and WE AMC’s low rated channels…..Damn get your story straight before you start talking to the public when you want to lie 

  4. Margaretoswald

    I have been a loyal Dish customer for years.  Even when the Yankees went with Yes Network and
    we lost the games I fought with my husband to keep it and won. Now that I am missing my Walking  Dead if this remains the same.  August I am going to Direct TV which will make my husband very happy. 

    • Bigevilworldwide

      The problem with that is they are refusing to let people out of their contracts. And giving the “We reserve the right to change programming at anytime”. So apparently it’s alright for them to breach contracts and destroy evidence in lawsuits but god forbid a customer want out of their contract the proper way 

  5. Tiffanynjerry

    Ok, I’m dropping DishNetwork!! Hello Directv

  6. Screw Dish

    A 14 year Dish customer here. In the time I’ve purchased their service Dish has gone from an up front transparent company to one that, with this issue especially, became a web of lies. I doubt if Charlie himself can now remember which are the lies and what the real truth is. They have a screw you attitude toward their paying subscribers. Arrogance and deceit are now the company’s Creed. Think of the company mindset that says it is fine to lie over and over to the customer. They must think we are all ignorant sheeple. Sorry Charlie.

    Will I dump them? You betcha. Charlie can take HDNet and shove it where the sun don’t shine. No one will take Breaking bad away from me. Fios came up with $500 for the privilege of dunping those arrogant jerks. I will, next thursday have more content for less than i pay Dish, and more bandwidth on the net for less than I currently pay Verizon. Locked in Price for two years to boot!

    Dish came up with an offer too for one of “their most valuable customers”….. two free pay per view movie codes. I emailed them back and suggested exactly where they could deposit their most generous offer.

    Dump Dish and move on to better viewing.They do not deserve your hard earned $$$$$.

  7. Masija426

    I just recently moved in to an apartment complex which demands that I only use Dish Network. Having been a cable subscriber my whole life, I was already unhappy with the fact that in order get AMC, I had to pay for one of Dish Networks more expensive packages (Americas Favorite Top 200). Upon installation, I eagerly searched the hundreds of useless channels, to set AMC to one of my favorites. To my great appointment, it was nowhere to be found. I immediately downgraded my package to the 120 package. How can Dish justify their “channel bundling” argument, when I’m already forced to buy in to an expensive package, full of channels I don’t want, just to be allowed access to a Channel that’s available on cable’s most basic packages. If I could, I would drop them all together.

  8. Disappointed

    My wife and I were ready to drop Dish and go with Direct but then we found out Direct was dropping programming also. Granted they are dropping channels we seldom watch but they are dropping channels. I also found out they have done this before. Guess it’s six one way and half a dozen then other. Probably stick with what we got.

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