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December 19th, 2018

The Woman In Black Movie Review

The Woman in Black is one scary lady! She’s tall, old, full of hate, dressed in dark robes and set on revenge. She hides in the shadows, revealing herself only so slightly which is just enough to scare the poop from your vowels. Yikes! Unfortunately the movie isn’t so scary and is an hour and a half snooze-fest.

The film is slow, which actually works for its horror setting, but with only three or four scenes that bring the scares, it’s just boring. The movie focuses on Daniel Radcliffe who is sent to a small town to try to sell an old abandoned house… I think. I’m not too sure, I got a little bored and started drifting. I do know that the towns-folk don’t want him hanging around that house because it’s cursed.

As the movie progresses, children start dying in bizarre fashion: setting themselves on fire, jumping out of windows, etc… There’s a reason for this but it involves a pretty important plot point, so I’ll leave it at that for those of you who plan on seeing the movie. I don’t recommend it though.

Usually in scary movies the ghost gets his thrills by pushing a ball across the hallway, slightly opening a door, or turning on the TV suddenly. The Woman in Black pulls all those same tricks, except, like I mentioned before, she takes it to the next level and starts killing innocent children in the village. There’s a reason for this, but like I said before it’s a plot point I’m going to leave out. The killings obviously upset the villagers and their anger is aimed at Daniel Radcliffe’s character. Needless to say, this ghost is a sonuvabitch.

A large portion of the movie (most of it actually) consists of Harry Potter slowly treading through the old hallways of the spooky house with a lamp in hand, investigating strange sounds which are either caused by birds or the mysterious Woman in Black ghost lady. There actually isn’t too much dialogue either, just a whole lot of Harry Potter investigating noises.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few scenes in here that are rather bone-chilling – the problem is that there are only three or four, tops, and they’re just not enough to keep the movie interesting as a whole.

The movie ended well and ends up being one of the few bright spots it has to offer. It doesn’t leave you with any questions which is all I ask of this movie. It was a decent reward for staying awake for the previous 90 minutes.

The people who are going to enjoy this movie are those seeing it for Daniel Radcliffe. Because of HARRY POTTER he’s developed a large fan base and they’re the ones who are going to show up to see THE WOMAN IN BLACK. This film is a step out of Radcliffe’s comfort zone and I think he actually does a good job. One thing is true, the movie doesn’t fail because of him. If anything, he made the movie a littler better than it should have been.

If you’re a fan of Daniel Radcliffe then I’m not going to stop you from seeing this movie. For everyone else, save your money and see something else. If it ends up on Netflix Instant streaming in the future then maybe give it a look. If not, you’re not missing too much.

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  1. G M

    This film is amazing, this review is just talking rubbish. It is very SCARY aswell. 

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