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March 19th, 2019

New Posters For Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter



A couple of posters have surfaced for the big screen version of ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. This is the film adaptation of the popular book of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith and stars Benjamin Walker and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The release date is set for June 22, 2012.

The posters are similar in that the image of Lincoln are identical of him sitting in a chair with an axe but his head is down and hidden by his hat, but are different in that one is set in daylight and the other at night and in two different settings, inside and outside. I dig the atmosphere set up of the day poster with the light peeking through the window, where as the night poster gives me more of a WOLFMAN vibe. Both are decent posters but I prefer the day poster over the night version. I have not read the book although I have been curious to check it out, so I may need to before the movie hits theaters.

What are your thoughts on the posters?

Via: IGN


  1. Judysydney

    It’s look like sweeny todd’s posters a little bit i think. Probably ’cause of the chair isn’t it?

  2. Thomas Carollo

    I like how the one set during the day is actually darker than the one in the night. Some kind of metaphor maybe?

  3. Like the one in the office better.  

  4. Thebossdoken31312221


  5. Bookboylemur

    It is like slenderman with an axe and a top hat :O

  6. Buffalowoman1973

    …..poster of Lincoln in the ‘Office’ sets the mood… them both

  7. Gothicrose_19

    I love the posters, I agree with “Judysydney”, it does look like the Sweeny Todd posters. It’s how Lincoln is positioned in the chair very very similar to how Johnny Depp was positioned in the chair he was sitting in for the Sweeny Todd poster. But Kudos on both the Lincoln posters

  8. Kyle_lamz

    Is he going to be played by Johnny as usual? Cause that would make him more epic.~<3

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