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June 18th, 2018

Paranormal Origins For The Devil Inside

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 hits theaters this Friday October 21, 2011 and theatergoers are in for an added bonus with the trailer for THE DEVIL INSIDE. This new film is launching from the success of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and has the possibility to be quite the buzz creator itself as viral vidoes and creepy poster concept art was released over the weekend. Check out the trailer below for a taste of THE DEVIL INSIDE.

Over the weekend a viral video was released of a 911 call of an older woman creepily reporting to the operator that three people were dead, to send police and that she was the murderer, all delivered in a haunting and unfeeling tone of voice. The video and tone have the sort of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY spirit painted all over it and I’m interested in seeing how all this plays out and what THE DEVIL INSIDE ends up being.

What are your thoughts on THE DEVIL INSIDE? Watch the trailer


  1. Jeff

    The trailer is too long—just give us the set up, a tease. The longer it goes on, the sillier and more outrageous it looks.

  2. Justfree

    Watch here full movie….

  3. Mehdi-m7

    go to

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