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May 21st, 2018

Katniss Poster For The Hunger Games Movie

So close yet so far away is the March 23, 2012 release of the big screen adaptation to the hit young adult novel THE HUNGER GAMES. I seem to be in the minority of people that really enjoyed the teaser released a while back that IS NOT a rabid die hard fan of the book series. I have read all three books and enjoyed them and I am actually very curious and eager to see how the film adaptation turns out. While we anxiously await the March release there has been a wave of District 1-12 posters released as well as the initial teaser and now you can get your first look at the Katniss Everdeen character poster courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

THE HUNGER GAMES follows the young Katniss Everdeen that is forced to compete in an annual fight to the death held by the powerful Capital and sadistic leader President Snow in a future where citizens struggle to survive during times of poverty and hunger. The future is a desolate war torn country called Panem and is separated by 12 Districts that must submit a male and female ‘tribute’ up to age 18 to compete in the annual Hunger Games where the tributes are dropped into extensive deadly arenas and fight to the death until one emerges as a victor. Inside the arenas you not only have to fight enemies from each District but also deadly traps devised by the Capital to make the televised fight to the death more entertaining for the people of Panem. Katniss must fight the odds using her unparalleled instincts and hunting ability to make it out on top while also trying to find a way to overthrow the unjust system they currently live under.

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  1. These posters are totally far-out!

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