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August 2nd, 2015

Monsters Inc 2 Gets a Release Date, New Name

Monsters Inc 2 is not the film at the top of my list that I was hoping to see when it comes to animated family fun but it is certainly something I would consider taking my son to. The original Monsters Inc which starred Billy Crystal and John Goodman was a really fun affair with a fun and highly entertaining script.

The followup film which was supposed to be called Monsters Inc 2 is now being called Monsters University and will be released into theaters in 2012. This movie will be a prequel story and will see the two key monster characters at the University of Fear learning how to scare the bejeepers out of small children.

I am sure like all Pixar movies this one will have plenty to offer for both the kids and the parents. Frankly the only question I have is when on earth ( no pun intended ) will get we Wall-E 2?


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