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May 24th, 2018

Luke Shares The Worst Films of 2010

I don’t enjoy having to look through all the movies I watch each year and pick out the worst of them. I try as hard as I can to find as much entertainment value as I possibly can in each movie but sometimes I have a real hard time doing so. At the same time as with the top of lists there are always supporters of movies some people hate and haters of movies that other people love.

With a bottom of list I’ve restricted to five just because I’ve seen plenty of movies that could be on a bottom of list rather they are theatrical or direct to DVD. I also didn’t want a list full of movies that not everyone has heard off. One of the sadder things about the list is that three out of the five are horror movies, which is indicative of how 2010 was for the horror genre. There will be some choices that could have made the list missing only because I missed out on quite a few stinkers such as THE LAST AIRBENDER, but then again I can’t be sorry that I didn’t waste my time on a terrible movie.

5. Hereafter – I’m a fan of Clint Eastwood’s directorial efforts including his last film GRAN TORINO. I never expected that I would be putting one of his films on a bottom of list. Aside from the opening of the film and its slick look I found very little to enjoy. I can’t say that anyone gave an embarrassing performance it’s just that I found nearly everything about the film very bland and lifeless. There were times I felt it could have gotten interesting but it just failed at every opportunity to give me anything to care about.

4. Clash of the Titans – 2010 was a year full of terrible 3D movies and CLASH OF THE TITANS was the first one I was exposed to of the year. There were moments that I enjoyed such as the scorpion fight but overall I found the movie extremely disappointing. Not only was the film disappointing and sported worthless 3D effects it has also spawned the studio to greenlight an entirely new and useless sequel.

3. Repo Men – Aside from the obvious difference this movie’s premise is nearly identical to REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. I don’t really care but the fact of the matter is that there’s a turning point in REPO MEN where I just completely lost interest in the film altogether. It’s definitely violent, but it’s not entirely original and it’s actually quite boring for a sci-fi action film. I missed this one in theater but even while watching it on DVD I felt compelled to switch it off and watch something more worthwhile.

2. Resident Evil: Afterlife – I enjoyed the 3D in RE: AFTERLIFE, I didn’t enjoy just about everything else. I didn’t appreciate the sudden emergence of the giant Executioner and no explanation of where this thing came from or why he’s so gigantic; I would have liked any kind of explanation rather than the “here’s a bad guy, they fight, now it’s gone” usage of the ‘character.’ I didn’t like being beat over the head with cliché characters and blatant MATRIX style visuals. Almost the whole film was just Paul W.S. Anderson’s excuse to see all the different ways he can have characters point guns at the audience and shoot, which is probably the fantasy of any director not getting a lot of love from fans and critics.

1. My Soul to Take – This movie would have been a massive failure even if it wasn’t in 3D; its massive flaws are only magnified with the Blues Brothers 3D glasses. I remember only one moment that I saw ANYTHING coming out of the screen and sadly enough it wasn’t anything resembling good dialogue, story, characters or even fun kills. MY SOUL TO TAKE is an exorcise in total mediocrity at every corner. The script is laughably bad, the staging is terrible, the characters are treated like cartoons and even adolescent kids have higher standards for their favorite cartoon characters. If the reveal at the end was a deranged Spongebob I would have had a lot more fun with this.

Dishonorable Mentions

Nightmare On Elm Street – I have to be honest, I actually enjoyed the ELM STREET remake the very first time I watched it. That being said, I got a chance to watch it again and I still enjoy it, but the flaws have become extremely obvious. I can overlook many of them for the most part because I like the look of the film and many of the dream sequences, but Jackie’s portrayal of Krueger is very much hit and miss. There are several moments his movements are very stiff and robotic and his makeup at times is way too fake. The acting is pretty bad and there are some glaringly odd lines like Freddy telling Nancy to wake up because she’s bleeding…what?! So while I may enjoy the remake on some level, it’s without a doubt not good enough to justify its existence.

Cop Out – Another movie I didn’t completely hate when I first watched it, but after a second viewing it again doesn’t quite hold up. There are few moments that make me chuckle, but not a single laugh out loud moment that I can remember. I love Kevin Smith, I think he’s a hysterical guy and I don’t blame him for this movie not being as great as I wanted it to be; I also don’t agree with his persistence in hating everyone who criticizes the film. It’s impossible to please everyone so it’s easier to live and let live and just ignore the haters, so I hope Smith only learns from his experience with COP OUT and gets back to what he does best.


  1. LOL. I am happy that we have the same brains that we are thinking the same movies that are worst last 2010. I just hope that this 2011 no more worst movies.

  2. Moonraker

    That’s a perfect list of awful movies – I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Lee Howard

    Kevin Smith is just as responsible for what went up on the screen as the Brothers Cullen are. I like Smith a great deal, but Cop Out is just depressing.

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