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May 24th, 2018

Street Kings 2 Poster

Street Kings is not my favorite crime thriller but it is also not my least favorite. Its one of the better performances I have seen out of Keanu Reeves and overall its a 7 out of 10. Today FOX emailed to inform us that a sequel is comig starring Ray Liota who is one of my favorite genre actors and it will be coming sooner then we might expect. OnĀ April 19th, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing the action packed new drama, Street Kings 2: Motor City, on both Blu-ray and DVD. The film stars the Golden GlobeĀ nominated Ray Liotta (Charlie St. Cloud, Goodfellas, Field of Dreams, Something Wild) and Shawn Hatosy (Alpha Dog), and is directed by Chris Fisher, who is known for his work on such projects as Chuck and Cold Case.

Street Kings 2: Motor City moves the action to Michigan and explores the world of dirty cops on the violent streets of Detroit. Marty Kingston (Liotta) is an undercover narcotics detective who is shot and barely survives a drug bust gone wrong to save the life of his partner. When his partner is killed by a masked gunman four years later, Marty must team up with the hotheaded homicide detective Dan Sullivan (Hatosy) to investigate a string of brutal cop murders and hunt down the cop killer. The investigation that ensues is shrouded in deception and loaded with plot twists that question the line between the rules of law and justice.

Street Kings 2


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