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May 26th, 2018

Netflix Watch Instantly Movie And TV Picks

If you’re like me then you sometimes need a little guidance when you’re stuck and can’t make a decision. I find myself in this situation a lot as I’m pretty indecisive so every once in a while I look for other people’s opinions on TV shows or movies I should watch if I haven’t already. That’s what inspired me take a look at the tools we have at our disposal, more specifically Netflix, as a means to get movies and TV’s with the click of a button. Netflix Watch Instantly is one of the easiest ways to put your entertainment in your own hands rather than subjecting yourself to cable and edited movies; this way you don’t have to rely on other people deciding what is or is not appropriate for you to watch or what time of day you want to watch it. Sadly, not EVERYTHING is available on watch instantly, but there is a very wide range of great movies and TV right at our fingertips. I’ve taken some time to pick a brief list of movies and TV shows that everyone should give a watch. I hope to be able to pipe in with more picks every so often to keep your Watch Instantly queues full and diverse!


Trick R’ Treat – I’ve spoken about my love for TRICK R’ TREAT many times and I know that it’s not really the time of year for an awesome Halloween themed movie, but this movie is just so much fun to watch at any time and now no one that has a Netflix account has an excuse for not seeing it. TRICK R’ TREAT hits all the great horror movie subjects like serial killers, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural phenomena in an anthology format. So if you’re sittin around and tired of watching the same old crap like rerun cable TV shows and edited for TV movies then flip on Netflix Watch Instantly and fire up TRICK R’ TREAT!

Frozen – Adam Green has successfully directed a trio of different types of films that I have enjoyed quite a bit. He hit the psychological thriller in SPIRAL (Also on Watch Instantly), the 80’s schlock gorefest that was HATCHET and now survival horror in FROZEN. If you haven’t seen it yet it revolves around a trio of friends out on the slopes for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Things take an unexpected turn after they bribe the guy running the lift and beg him for one last run as the park is closing. They wind up being stuck on the way up when they guy they bribed is pulled away from his post and a new guy shuts the lift down for the week. The friends must fight the elements in order to survive. FROZEN is a fantastic film that is very tense and acted very well by the main cast and if that’s not enough the special features are also a lot of fun as Green shows the perils of making his film while also dealing with bitter cold and snow. FROZEN is available on Watch Instantly right now, but for the special features you’ll have to queue up the disc!

Severance – If you are unfamiliar with director Chris Smith, let me tell you that he is definitely a filmmaker to watch out for. Granted this is only the second feature of his I have seen but between this and TRIANGLE he is definitely a skilled director. SEVERANCE follows a sales team for a weapons manufacturer that are given a team building weekend at what they thought would be a luxurious lodge in the woods, but things go wrong when they are hunted down savagely by a mysterious figure. SEVERANCE has its flaws but it was a lot of fun to watch and I fully intend on checking out Smith’s first effort CREEP as well as BLACK DEATH when it is released later this year. SEVERANCE is available on Watch Instantly right now!

TV Shows

Party Down – I’m pretty bummed that this show was so shorts lived. It’s very funny and very well written with some fantastic actors lead by Adam Scott. There are also a slew of cameos and other appearances by some well known faces that are pretty hilarious. Maybe one day Party Down will have its reemergence much like Family Guy did back when it was cancelled but until then we will just have to make do with the two seasons that made it to the air. Both Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Instant Streaming right now, so check it out!

Louie – I still haven’t finished the first season of this show, largely due to the large number of items in my instant queue as well as my shipping queue. From what I’ve seen so far the show is pretty hilarious and full of awkward situations. It’s similar to the style of Seinfeld in that it begins with Louie C.K. doing some of his standup and ending on it as well. The show ensues with awkward misunderstandings and rude people interacting with each other. Considering Seinfeld is probably my favorite TV show of all time this show has filled that space in my heart since Seinfeld went into constant reruns both on cable and in my DVD player. Louie is available on Watch Instantly right now, check it out!

Pushing Daisies – Pushing Daisies is another show that suffered a brief and underserved end. As with most cancelled TV shows it likely was due to ratings as I caught this show only recently and enjoyed it quite a bit. Pushing Daisies follows a pie maker named Ned who has a strange gift that he can bring dead things to life with one touch, but should he touch the revived object again it dies forever. To makes things more interesting if he doesn’t touch what he revived a second time something within the vicinity will then drop dead as well. The show is largely about Ned bringing his childhood love back to life and cannot work up the will to touch her again and risk losing her; Ned also helps a local private investigator in solving the mysteries behind mysterious deaths. If you’re looking for something quirky and funny then Pushing Daisies is definitely a good way to spend your time, but not if you’re looking for some serious drama. Pushing Daisies is available on Watch Instantly right now, check it out!


  1. Thanks for the post. I think I’ll try to check Pushing Daisies today.

  2. Moonraker

    Severance sounds great, thanks for the tip!

  3. Atariwarlord

    Frozen was TERRIBLE!!

  4. Anonymous

    All of these are great choices. I find it highly annoying though that since I am on Netflix Canada none of these are available.

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