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March 24th, 2018

Let The Harry Potter Mania Begin

Tonight, there are many of you that are going or are thinking about going to see “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” at midnight. I have a job that requires me to get into my office at a reasonable time and even I am considering it. Of course, it’s slightly pathetic that I’m a 34-year old man with no children and I haven’t dismissed the midnight showing idea. Honestly, the only thing stopping me is the run time of the flick. 147 minutes is a tough pill to swallow when the first minute starts at 12:01 AM.

Actually, the first reason to avoid midnight showings of Harry Potter is to avoid all the Muggles (Harry Potter word for non-magic folks) that dress up like they are in Griffendor or Huffleballs or whatever all those Hogwarts dormitory names are. It’s one thing for kids to dress up, but when adults do it, I actually feel embarrassment for them. I may give a pass to the midnight show people as that is more like a celebration or party than a regular old 7 PM show on a Saturday night. If anything, it sure beats the lady I sat next to when I saw the most recent “Star Trek” movie. I saw it on a Sunday afternoon around 2 PM and she was decked out in full Starfleet uniform, complete with phaser. That’s just inexcusable.

All kidding aside, I am really looking forward to these final two Potter flicks. I’m a big movie snob and most of the snobby sites, blogger, and writers have dismissed these movies long ago as nothing but money-grabs and silly fantasy movies for kiddies. Well, the big snobs say that about most of the movies except for the Alfonso Cuaron-directed “Prisoner of Azkaban”. An auteur such as Cuaron couldn’t possibly make anything of such fluff or insignificance. [That is sarcasm.]

You can count me as a person that does think these are great, entertaining movies. I have zero interest in the first two or three movies as they were quite obviously geared towards a young audience. However, as the main characters have aged, the stories have gotten more grown up and the plot has gotten more complex and dark. I mean, we are talking about a main character whose supposed destiny is to kill the main evil character, so it naturally makes sense that there is going to be some ugliness along the way. Throw in the awkwardness of teenagers growing up while they are trying to save the world and you’ve got all the makings of great storytelling.

Having read the books, I know how everything is going to shake out in the end. However, the first half of “The Deathly Hallows” does not sound like it ends well. In fact, several reviews are comparing it to “The Empire Strikes Back” in terms of the despair that Harry, Hermione, and Ron are left in after the 147-minutes are up. Personally, I like that. If anything, it guarantees that the anticipation for Part Two will be ratcheted up even higher than it is today.

So let’s enjoy the first half of the final Harry Potter movie. If you want to dress up like Snape, dress up like Snape. Have a ball. After all, these movies aren’t about the bloggers or snobby writers or my mocking of your wizard outfit. These moves are fun and exciting and they are meant to be taken as such. Personally, I can’t wait to see it.

But I’m going to wait until a reasonable hour.


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