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May 24th, 2018

Lets Play Rank The Potential Batman Actresses

The Dark Knight Rises Actresses

Yesterday, the news broke that Christopher Nolan was planning on meeting with six actresses to play two different roles in “The Dark Knight Rises”. One role will be a new love interest for Bruce Wayne and the other…a villain. Naturally, the speculation is that the villain will be the Catwoman. As you can see from the comic book image to the right, she is very, very modest.

The six actresses are Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Blake Lively, and Keira Knightly. Personally, I think that leaving Evangeline Lilly off the list is a huge mistake. Wouldn’t she make a great Catwoman? If I was Nolan and the casting director, here’s how I’d shake this out:

6. Portman: I’m just not into her for either role. She still seems too young to be involved with Bruce Wayne and she definitely would not be a good Catwoman. She’s just too mousy. Besides, isn’t she already going to be Thor’s lady?

5. Knightly: I could see her as Bruce’s special lady friend, but not purring away as evil chick that thinks she’s a cat. Knightly just is too supermodel pretty looking to be evil. Besides, doesn’t Keira have a period piece to film soon? She hasn’t done one in like six months or so.

4. Lively: It starts getting tough for me. I could actually see her as Catwoman, especially after her scuzzy role in “The Town”. She could easily turn on some kind of sexy, seductive persona for the villain role. Or maybe she’s just turning that persona on in my dreams? It’s hard to tell.

3. Weisz: It’s down to her and the next choice for Bruce’s girlfriend. I like Rachel Weisz, but she’s been the action girlfriend a few times and I just want to go in a different direction for that position.

2. THE GIRLFRIEND – Anne Hathaway: She’s been playing the role of the sassy, smart girl with a sharp wit, but I’d like to see her as the object of Bruce’s affection. She can play intelligent and she’s got the skills to hang with Christian Bale.

1. THE VILLAIN – Naomi Watts: Actually, I don’t care what villain it is. Watts would be fantastic as the bad guy. Anybody remember when her character’s wheels flew off in “Mulholland Dr.”? Yeah, she was pretty damn crazy and very effective at it.

If done right, shouldn’t the villain in this thing have an opportunity to knock it out of the park a la Heath Ledger? I think Naomi Watts is definitely capable of doing it and she’s hands down my choice.


  1. Rawdog

    Naomi Watts is not much of an actress and is a light weight compared to Rachel Weisz in terms of range and versitility. Out side of muhallan drive, Naomi has not done much to show her acting range while Rachel has.

  2. Mike

    I agree, Evangeline Lilly should be on that list. She’s a great actress and has a very BEAUTIFULLY SEDUCTIVE face.

  3. Mike

    I agree, Evangeline Lilly should be on that list. She’s a great actress and has a very BEAUTIFULLY SEDUCTIVE face.

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