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April 21st, 2019

Vote For Your Favourite Horror Movie Ever

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re deep into October and with Halloween fast approaching, most of us are digging deep into our horror movie collection to stir up some scares ahead of fright night itself. Indeed, we’ve had loads of articles here on MoviesOnline catered to you gorehounds with our picks for some of the best, worst and weirdest horror movies of all time.

But I reckon it’s now time to turn to you guys. I want to find out, through a scientifically accurate process, what the readers of MoviesOnline reckon is the best horror flick ever. Considering you lot are the most intelligent film fans to be found anywhere, your choice will be the definitive best horror movie ever.

To do submit your choice, leave a comment below with the name of your favourite horror flick — a brief explanation would be very welcome too. Also, please pick just one movie each.

I’ll leave it up to you as to what defines ‘horror’ (Sex And The City 2 falls into that category for me), but your entries must be in by 7PM EST on Friday, October 22. After that time, I’ll trawl through your selections to determine your favourites, with the winner being revealed in the run-up to Halloween in a list-type format.

So get your thinking hats on, dear readers, and post your favorite horror movie in the comments below.


  1. Anonymous

    I am gonna go with Evil Dead. Its a classic and it has two legends Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in it.

  2. Danii

    A Serbian Film. Shocking, left me in tears, but also beautifully shot and well acted!

  3. Karacpage1

    The Fearless Vampire Killers

  4. Alexander JL

    Definetly Ringu.

  5. Pmukiza

    Never sleep again…..this movie makes you loose sleep again!

  6. Wolfmoon

    Silent Hill. lost my edge with that one. :[ could be b/c I have a daughter. that movie messed me up.

  7. AwesomeJohnson

    nightmare on elm street. Freddy rules. m/ ^___^ m/

  8. Becky

    “Jaws” and “Halloween”

  9. Becky

    “Jaws” and “Halloween”

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