“Of course this is where French is best preserved”: actor Daniel Auteuil performs in Quebec

“You Gauls, irreducible.” 24 hours before giving the first concert of his life in Quebec, Daniel Auteuil greatly appreciated and praised the faith our people have placed in the defense of the French language.

Daniel Auteuil, a figurehead of cinema and theater in France who has jumped into music in recent years, landed in Montreal on Sunday for the first show of his Quebec tour, which opens Thursday at the Grand Théâtre de Québec. Although he had not set foot in our province for almost 25 years, our attitude towards the preservation of the French language was foreign to him.

“In your place [au Québec], we feel it is very strong. You protect your identity, I am with you,” he mentions during an interview magazine, Wednesday afternoon. “In France, there is something less severe, [la langue française] Right now the priority is low,” he later compares.

Quebec may be a model

In 2021, it was the beauty of language and poetry that inspired Mr. Atouille to take up music.

“We'll continue to speak French in France, no worries. But the language has deteriorated, it's impoverished,” he explains. “Young people don't study anymore, teachers seem to have given up, even politicians are struggling to deal with the language,” says the father of a 14-year-old boy.

According to him, Quebec can teach the country of the Eiffel Tower a lesson about Molière's preservation of language.

“It's probably here [au Québec] “French is the best defense,” he praised. “You must come to France to teach the respect you have for this language.” […] We can quote you: there are people who fight for the French language and consider it important, so try,” he adds.

Don't spit in English

At 74, Daniel Atuel admits it: He wanted to be more comfortable in English.

“English is very practical. It is important to master both languages,” he maintains without shyness. “English words and expressions don't shock me, rather I find them fascinating,” he admits.

According to him, mixing of languages ​​is inevitable. Unfortunately for him, the loss is in everyone's beauty.

Daniel Auteuil will perform concerts on April 25 at the Grand Théâtre de Quebec, on April 27 at the Théâtre le Patriote in Saint-Agathe, and on April 30 and 1 at the Théâtre Outrémont.There is May, then on May 2 at the Théâtre de la Ville de Longueu to perform, among others, songs from his second album, If you're afraid, don't be afraid of love.

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