ZUS reminds you of an important deadline.  You only have time until January 31st

Little Zoo Plus. ZUS reminds you to apply for relief

On his profile on X (formerly Twitter) ZUS reminds you of the deadline for submitting reports to Mały ZUS Plus. business men They have time Until January 31, 2024.

Anyone who ran a business in 2023 and benefited from the discount and still meets the conditions does not have to apply again.“- we read in the entry.

How to apply for relief?

Business people who are not used Mały ZUS Plus relief In 2023, and that they meet the conditions for its use, which they must apply for insurance Social or health insurance Insurance code starts with 0590 or 0592.

You must disenroll from insurance using the insurance address code that begins with 05 10 the 05 12 In case the entrepreneur continues to do business in 2023 and does not use it ZUS Plus Small Register in social security or health insurance (if the project owner is subject to it) with a code starting with 0590 or 0592.

When should I inform Mały ZUS Plus? The deadlines

The entrepreneur must register to use Mały ZUS Plus relief Do January 31, 2024 If he drives it in 2023 At least 60 days Commercial activity and did not benefit from the mitigation or was resumed and commercial activity began in January 2024.

Another term is turn 7 daysWhich passes after the conditions of use are met ZUS Plus SmallIf an entrepreneur starts running a business After January 24, 2024 The conditions must be met in a month other than January 2024.

What is Mali ZUS Plus?

Little Zoo Plus It is a convenience that an entrepreneur can benefit from Reduced social security contributions. Small business owners can pay contributions proportional to income, often several hundred zlotys less.

This subsidy is available to entrepreneurs whose business has been successful in the past year Income is not more than PLN 120,000.

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