Upgrading the Polish system.  The comfort of the middle class will extend to another group

Another change is coming in the Polish Lada, which is already in the lower house. Entrepreneurs who run a sole proprietorship will also be covered by the mechanism of mitigating the negative effects of increased health insurance premiums. The condition is that their monthly earnings do not exceed 13,000 PLN. PLN, tax adjustments were made on the basis of the tax scale.

  • According to the announcements by representatives of the Law and Justice Party, the exemption for the middle class will not only include employees
  • The prime minister was to order PiS MPs to complete the Polish deal with a condition that would also include people managing sole proprietorships and settling accounts with the tax scale.
  • You can find more of this information on the Onet homepage

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recommended the Law and Justice Club to introduce an amendment Exemption for the middle class for people managing their sole proprietorship who pay taxes on the tax scale and earn up to PLN 13,000. We will inform the House of Representatives of that day– said the Chairman of the Cabinet Standing Committee, ukasz Schreiber. As explained in the following entry, it is mentioned in the amount of 13,000 PLN per month.

Relief for the middle class

A tax exemption will be introduced for the middle class to offset the increase in health insurance premiums to 9 percent.Any portion of the premium will not be tax deductible. People earn between 5.7 thousand PLN and about 11.1 thousand. The total zloty will be a loss in repair. Thanks to the introduction of a special tax-reduction algorithm, the reform should be neutral for these people. Initially, however, it was directed only to persons employed under employment contracts. PiS’s decision to amend the amendment broadens the range of potential recipients of support.


Height middle class suits It will be calculated based on an algorithm embedded in the law. For employees, it looks like this:

4A. The amount of the employee’s allowance referred to in paragraph one point 2aa is:

1) (A x 6.68% – PLN 4,566) ÷ 0.17, for A not less than 68,412 PLN and not exceeding 102,588 PLN,

2) (A x (-7.35%) + PLN 9829) ÷ 0.17, for A above PLN 102,588 and not exceeding PLN 133,692 – where A is the income from the service relationship received by the taxpayer in the tax year, the employment relationship , homework and a taxable cooperative work relationship in accordance with Section 27 of the Act.

However, this article should be expanded to include the group of lone traders.

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