I get the impression that only those who have a negative approach to the game hate Far Cry 6

We had to wait a little longer for Far Cry 6. Ubisoft was planning to give us a (not) small revolution in the series. There were plans, for example, to implement a large city (more specifically Esperanza), where part of the plot is being implemented. So far, we’ve had to hide in forests, deserts, or different settlements, well… For fans of the brand, it’s a noticeable breath of freshness, much needed after the sweet Far Cry 5.

I sat for a Dani Rojas adventure in the first week of October and I admit my first impressions were nice. Being on the introductory island, I had the impression that I had already seen it somewhere – the main and side quests, as well as outposts to be captured to obtain resources for the development of settlements and the hero, were planning and similar activities well known from the “fives” who hate me.

However, I did not give up and hope that the more I know about the story, the more interesting it will be. Fortunately, I was right, because after completing a long prologue and accessing three massive areas, I felt free and what Far Cry has always been about: offering loose and fun-loving missions as well as being able to explore beautiful worlds in different ways.

it’s better

A visit to tropical Yarra is unique. Each area has something different, and I personally enjoy being in the south of the island, where I can enjoy the mountain scenery, travel through wooded areas and the atmosphere. I can’t say a bad word about the Esperanza project itself, because it looks great. Plus, we don’t need to grind to get to it and be able to eliminate enemies stationed there after pocketing, let’s say, a level 6 experience – this is another plus that I’ve assigned to Far Cry 6.

By participating in the following main quests and Yaran’s stories, which are equivalent to the short and optional plots of the supporting characters, I have the impression that they engage the audience more in the story they tell. And like I mentioned three paragraphs above, the paragraphs in the introduction were very simple and repetitive, so after getting to El Este or Madrugada, I was positively surprised.

The story is also good, although the big contribution is due to Anton Castillo, played by Breaking Bad star – Giancarlo Esposito – as well as his child named Diego. The well-made cinematic scenes that are candy (thanks to the camera that includes the protagonist) of this novel plays along with a blow to the Castillo family hated by the Yarra natives, so the spur to learn more about the fates of Dani Rojas and Anton Castillo is great.

A step back? Nonsense

I’m also one of the interest groups that liked to eliminate talent in favor of equipment with its own capabilities. Unlocking more skills in Far Cry 5 was fairly easy, which made us very strong against the seed family. Here it is different, because we have to thoroughly explore the country inspired by Cuba, as well as go on excursions to get especially special treasures (by the way, they also look better against the background of “five”) in order to get clothes that allow, for example, to regenerate ability A faster endurance or a healthy bar. With all this, we must not forget about the dozens of guns that we can modify at our own discretion.

Dessert is the TPP view that appears after reaching the settlements, that is, the safest place in Yarra. We can finally see what our character looks like and get to know her more. I missed that a lot in the previous two full installments, as well as the pop-ups, so I’m glad the developers took note of player requests in this thread.

Of course, Far Cry 6 is not an ideal game, because we have to deal, for example, with the foolish spawning of enemies in restricted areas, or the behavior of incomprehensible non-playable characters in sporadic situations, but well – these are not mistakes that would take away Fun of the game in any way, not to mention making it impossible to play.

What’s with the constant complaint?

That’s why I’m amazed that so much hate has been poured into Far Cry 6. Anyone who has taken a moment to read the game’s announcements was well aware of what this production would be like. What is this, but Ubisoft always delivers its intentions perfectly even before the premiere, so no one here can feel cheated. Once again, we’ve got plenty of space, great graphics, really good improvement over next-gen consoles (we’re dealing with 4K dynamic and 60fps here), as well as tweaking many of the mechanics that were poor in previous versions.

The developers have improved in terms of plot, because the level at which we fight with the Castillo family – in my opinion – is a few levels higher than what we got in the “four” and “five”. The situation is similar to the design of sites, which are now better developed, as well as the scheme of the task itself – especially the side quests. Whereas in the previous Far Cry it was painfully repetitive, now you can feel even more variety thanks to the different goals that the developers have set. The developers still have a long way to go to get to the level of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s nice that there’s been a noticeable progression with each installment.

I dare say the – for the most part – unfounded criticism leveled at Far Cry 6 comes mostly from people who have treated the game negatively from the start. This does not help with the positive reception of the title and means that instead of noticing the positives in the first place, we focus on looking for the negatives – often even by force. Watching the comments that the “six” cannot boast of high-quality graphics, have fewer tasks compared to the previous parts of the series, have dozens of blunders or even that their world is not teeming with life, I agree that it is the opinion of someone who has approached The adventures of Dani Rojas passively.

That’s my opinion of Far Cry 6 – and what do you think of the new Ubisoft title?

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