ZUS grants one-time compensation.  Average PLN 8,391.  Who can apply for the money?

ZUS grants one-time compensation

Any legally employed employee registered with ZUS Accident Insurance who has had an accident at work or has been diagnosed with an occupational disease may apply for a one-time compensation. The majority of insureds applying for compensation are full-time employees. Benefits are offered less often to people running non-farm businesses or people working under commissioned contracts, but that doesn’t mean they’re not offered at all.

Until the end of March next year, the rate is PLN 1,269 per percentage of permanent or long-term health damage. For comparison, in the previous calculation period it was PLN 1,133. The degree of health impairment expressed as a percentage is determined by ZUS medical examiners or medical boards, most often after the employee’s treatment is completed.

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The average compensation amount is PLN 8,391

In 2022, ZUS branches across Poland paid PLN 42.6 thousand. One-time compensation for a work accident or health damage due to an occupational disease. The value of the transferred remittances amounted to PLN 294 million.

Between January and August 2023, the average one-time compensation amount was higher than at the same time in 2022. A year ago, ZUS paid on average PLN 7,484 for a single compensation, while this year it is PLN 8,391.

In the event of total inability to work, the benefit amounts to PLN 22,212. In principle, any employee who has suffered health damage while performing work can apply for money, except for events in which occupational health and safety regulations have been violated due to intentional error of the employee or gross negligence.

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Do I need to submit an application?

To obtain compensation, you must submit an appropriate application to ZUS. The request must be accompanied by an accident report and Form OL-9, issued by the workplace and completed by the physician.

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