“Night in Paris” by Mike Demereau: A Quebec ticktoker creates a No. 1 song…in his parents’ basement in Saint-Columbine

Quiz questions. Where was it composed? Night in ParisThe song that topped the English radio charts in Quebec for the past six weeks?

In a big Los Angeles studio? No.

Is Bob in one of the earworm factories in Sweden? Nothing.

Answer: In the basement of a house in Saint-Columbian, in Laurentians, an hour from Montreal.

Its creator is called Mike DeMero, who will be 24 years old on December 31st, and had no experience or connections in the music industry when he composed this song that would change his life.

“You have to dream big, I’ve always looked forward to an international career in music. This gives me one more reason to believe in it, but where I come from, I’m happy to see that it can work in the local scene,” rejoices this young producer, undeniably influential and resourceful. .

Hello! Hello

Unusual as it is, his journey resembles that of most artists of his time. Mike DeMero made a name for himself at the beginning of the epidemic by posting videos on TikTok.

With his piano in his studio set up at his parents’ house, he uploaded remixes of popular songs, imagining how they would sound, for example by famous DJs such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix or Avicii.

It hit the mark. His TikTik account has 1.4 million subscribers and stars like Guetta and Kygo have started following him.

One day, a certain Aloe Blacc wrote him to congratulate him and ask him to listen to his own composition.

Alo Black, you know, he’s the singing guy wake me up from sleepLot Avicii’s song has over 2.1 billion plays on Spotify.

“I sent him Night in Paris, he replied: I love it, I want to put my voice on it. Because it’s special wake me up from sleep It’s a big reason why I started making electronic music when I was young,” says Demero, who never misses an opportunity to talk about Aloe Blacc’s success. Night in Paris.

On stage in Quebec

Apparently, Columbanois has no intention of sitting on his laurels. A new song will be released on January 26, and Quebecers will be able to see him at work on New Year’s Eve, opening for Medusa, on Grande Allée.

He says this will be his first real gig as a DJ.

This will be an opportunity to showcase full versions of my 15 second remixes on TikTok. Also an opportunity to adapt Night in Paris to the stage.”

Family agreement

The success of Night in Paris It comes at the right time for Mike Demero, who had an understanding with his parents. These allowed him to leave school to devote himself to music, but if he did not succeed after three years, he had to return to his studies.

“TikTok came after two and a half years. I had six more months, otherwise the music was over,” says the producer.

Today, she says, “My parents are glad they believed it, and I know it wasn’t an easy decision for them.”

Amazing success

Night in Paris

  • Music Director: Mike DeMero
  • Voiced by: Aloe Blacc (original version), Alex (French speaking version)


  • Number 1 in Mediabase ADISQ Top 100 for 6 weeks
  • 2.5 million streams online
  • Song number 1 Shazam Quebec

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