Apartment without private contribution.  Limits less than the price per square meter portend problems in buying an apartment

Polish arrangement Includes, among other things, housing proposals. One of them is the “Apartment without Private Contribution” program. work on this issue trafi³a Only for the Senate. It specifies the conditions that must be met in order to benefit from state aid. Price limits seem to be of major importance meters Square meters of apartments, and above it loses the right to subsidy.

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Apartment with a loan without a private contribution. There is almost no chance in two cities

A committee Bodewitto I finance The public did not make any amendments to the law. However, the limits can be changed by the Senate. According to Jarosław Sadowski, an Expander analyst, in most cities it is clear that average prices per meter are below the established limits.

The highest of them was created in Warsaw. Although, it will be very difficult to find the right market in the secondary market Apartments. The limit will be 8958 PLN per square meter, which is up to 28 percent. Below average price in September of this year (according to Rentier.io data). It will be much easier in the primary market. Here, the limit will be 9705 PLN per square meter, that is, only 8%. Below average price. If prices do not rise significantly until January, it will be easy to find a suitable apartment in some areas.

W The worst situation will be people who want to buy an apartment in Krakow and Szczecin. There, the ceiling for new and used apartments will be much lower than the prices in these markets. In Krakow, in the secondary market, the maximum will be 31 percent. Below market prices, and in the primary market by 25 percent. In Szczecin it will be 31 per cent, respectively. and 22 percent

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It is also worth noting the city of ód, where the situation on the primary market will be the worst among the 16 cities analyzed. The limit will be 6,075 PLN per square meter, bringing it to 26 percent. Below average price offered by developers.

Only in one of the analyzed cities will the limits on both secondary and primary markets be higher than the average price per meter. This is Bydgoszcz, where the maximum in the primary market is 2 percent. higher, and in the secondary market by 10 per cent. higher than market prices.

Apartment without private contribution, no age limit

The program runs for 10 years, until December 31, 2030. There are no age restrictions for volunteers, if no corrections were made, the date of birth would not matter.

In addition, ensuring private contribution and Extra charge It can be obtained even if the applicants already own a house or apartment, but not more than one property, provided that they have at least two children. When they have two children, they can have an apartment or a house, but not larger than 50 square meters. With three children it can have a maximum area of ​​u200bu200b75 square meters, and for four children – 90 square meters. There is no designated space for five or more children. However, it must be added that in order to have the extra cost at the birth of the child, this must be eliminated nieruchomo¶ciIt was not purchased with a preferential loan.

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