Zero PIT keeps retirees away from 13th and 14th pensions.  Thousands quit
  • More than 130,000 seniors have resigned their 13th and 14th pensions.
  • Instead of collecting interest, they chose zero income tax, which ensures that they can work without taxes, but with the appropriate income limit.
  • Older people who earn less have no reason to use zero PIT. The solution pays off only for those who earn the most.

zero hole It was introduced as part of the tax revolution, which was the Polish system. Total 800,000 people with retired status are still professionally active, of whom 130,000 are employed. Takes advantage of zero PIT preference. What is zero PIT and why do seniors choose it?

The Zero PIT program is for people who, despite having retirement rights, resign from receiving the benefit and remain professionally active. This preference consists of a tax exemption for work performed by a senior citizen as part of:

  • part time job,
  • work on the basis of a mandate contract,
  • non-agricultural economic activity.

Up to 85,528 PLN annually senior stay on zero hole You will not pay any income tax. Moreover, if this person settled according to the tax schedule, The tax will only be paid after the income limit of PLN 115,528 is exceeded. The upper limit results from the increase of the aforementioned limit of 85,528 PLN by 30,000 PLN. Tax-free amount PLN.

In total, last year, according to the Ministry of Finance. 132 thousand elderly people gave up downloading the thirteenth edition 14. PensionsBecause that is what zero PIT selection entails. Therefore, choosing this method of settling accounts with the state should pay off for pensioners who choose zero income tax. However, these are usually not people receiving modest salaries.

As indicated by the daily Al-Haqiqa newspaper. When a senior earns up to 5.5 thousand gross PLN, it is worth switching to pensions 13 and 14. Their sum exceeds the amount you can save zero hole. However, those receiving PLN 6,000 gross and more may indicate a tax preference, rather than interest, as more profitable.

Quoted from Dr. Anthony Kulik of the Pension Institute, calculates the profit from zero PIT at about PLN 9,000. PLN per year, i.e. approximately 800 PLN per month. The expert notes that, in principle, it is more profitable to continue working while receiving a pension, which, however, excludes the possibility of taking advantage of zero personal income tax.

As Dr. Kulik pointed out, Zero PIT is primarily a solution for seniors with good income. Those who earn less won’t even think about zero PIT. -If a senior earns little, the senior’s PIT-0 earnings will also be low. And in this case, the numbers thirteen and fourteen will bring greater benefits. Only in the case of higher salaries can it be more profitable zero hole for the elderly – confirmed the expert in an interview with the daily.

Przemyslaw Terlecki

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