The government is preparing for various fourth wave scenarios.  Appeals to Entrepreneurs Not to Enter Another Closing

Entering another closure would be an economic evil for the entrepreneurs. I don’t know if all entrepreneurs can handle it with courage, because our psyche also has certain limits of flexibility. I think we don’t know all the effects of the previous lockdown yet, and some of the social impacts may appear in just a few months. Therefore, we must do everything we can to speed up the vaccination process and have as many Poles vaccinated as possible by the end of the year, says Hanna Mojciuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin, of Newseria Biznes agency.

Entrepreneurs are concerned about the announcement of the return of a large number of infections. According to government forecasts, the fourth wave of the epidemic may reach its peak in late September and early October, and the number of daily cases may reach 15,000 to 20,000. The Ministry of Health is preparing for different scenarios. At the moment, it is said that no restrictions will be imposed in the regions, depending on the number of infections and the level of vaccination in a particular area. A return to the green, yellow and red zones is planned, but the limits that will determine eligibility for individual zones will be lifted.

– Now we live in such a low natural state. If the fourth wave is flattened, if the vaccination process is accelerated, we won’t feel as much constraint or the threat of another shutdown. However, it is very difficult to predict what will happen, and we can do nothing but prevent it – says the head of PGI in Szczecin.

According to the Ministry of Health, nearly 36 million vaccines have been made so far. More than 18.5 million Poles have been fully vaccinated. Experts emphasize that this is not enough to achieve herd immunity. It is clear that the vaccination campaign has slowed. Minister Michai Dorczyk reported that there were about 160,000 applicants. person per week.

Entrepreneurs in the West Pomeranian already at the beginning of July appealed to the prime minister to make a clear declaration that there would be no next shutdown. As Hanna Mojciuk emphasizes, companies across the country are speaking with one voice on this, which is caused by the difficult situation in many industries, the hardest hit by the restrictions so far.

Our entrepreneurs feel a little left out in decisions about closing or closing certain industries. I think we have a lot to say, because we know the details of these industries. Dialogue between entrepreneurs and the government should help to introduce restrictions more adapted to the situation – the expert emphasizes. Companies have not always understood the reasons for these restrictions, and they have not always had an intrinsic justification. How do you explain the fact that the barber can go to the discount store and the discount worker can’t go to the barber. We also did not understand why the fitness industry was completely shut down as no studies were presented to us to support this decision.

Largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, and to prevent further closures in the central registry and information about economic activity in 2020, entrepreneurs submitted more than 140,000. Applications to terminate commercial activities. Another 280 thousand. The companies suspended their activities. From January to May this year. There were 70,000 such apps in a row. And nearly 94,000, most of them come from the restaurant, hotel and fitness industries. They are the ones who have suffered the most so far. According to WEI Lockdown Loss Counter, they lost PLN 2.8 billion, PLN 2.1 billion and PLN 1.6 billion, respectively. The entertainment and culture industry recorded the largest losses – more than 3.1 billion PLN.

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– Our region is largely involved in these industries. I have watched our hoteliers feel so touched for months by their inability to act. First of all, these industries have suffered the loss of large numbers of employees. Many people who worked in tourism or catering have moved into the e-commerce or logistics industry, for example. They just want to make sure of tomorrow, and it is not entirely known whether the closure will not be introduced again – comments the head of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

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