The royal family has banned Meghan Markle from speaking a single word in ‘Suits’.

The British Crown censored the dialogues and script Clothes.

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Series creator Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter. He says he was “a little irritated” when he got involved in conversations related to the character played by “Buckingham Palace” Meghan Markle.

The former actress, who became the Duchess of Sussex after marrying Prince Harry in 2018, first rose to prominence on the show. Clothes, played attorney Rachel Zane until the seventh season. Meghan Markle continued until her wedding, but the British royal family was keen to engage in script changes ahead of the actress’ eventual exit.

“(The royal family) weighed in on some things. Not a lot, but we wanted to do some things that we couldn’t do, and it was a little annoying,” Aaron Korsh admitted.

So a word is banned from the lawyer’s language: “pappycock”, which means nonsense, but which, in English, was coined as a slang word to denote the male gender. Aaron Korsh hoped to use it as a nod to his in-laws, who loved the term when discussing sensitive topics.

“The royal family didn’t want her to say that word,” he recalls. She didn’t want to put the word poppycock in his mouth. I guess they don’t want people tearing things apart to call him “c**k”. So we had to change it to “Bulls**t” (Bullshit) and I didn’t like it because I told my in-laws that “Poppycock” was going to be on the show. There might be one or two more things, but I don’t remember them. »

The TV producer added that it was not Meghan Markle (42) who made the request. He also explained that he sympathized with that feeling: “I had a little bit of sympathy because I didn’t want anybody to do that to him (play on words). And the thing is, I don’t think anybody would do that, but I can’t say for sure. People are crazy! He concluded.”

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