January 27, 2023


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Ambasador Ukrainy w Berlinie Andrij Melnyk powiedział, że ukraiński prezydent Wołodymyr Zełenski rozmawiał telefonicznie z kanclerzem RFN Olafem Scholzem, ale "to było jak rozmowa ze ścianą". Scholz wykluczył wprowadzenie embarga na rosyjską ropę i gaz, co ambasador określił jako "nóż wbity w plecy Ukrainy".

Zelensky spoke to Shultz. “It was like talking to a wall.”

Ukraine’s ambassador in Berlin, Andrei Melnik, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with West German Chancellor Olaf Schulz on the phone, but “it was like talking to a wall.” Schultz ruled out an embargo on Russian oil and gas, which the ambassador described as “a knife stuck in the back of Ukraine.”

We believe that this position is morally unsustainable and will collapse, if not in the next few days, then in the next few weeks. The question is how many Ukrainian civilians will die during this time of rocket fire Melnyk said in an interview with Die Welt.

When the ambassador was asked whether the German government was the most hesitant in NATO and the European Union, he replied: Unfortunately, this impression is correct. It was the same with (Russia) secession from SWIFT and now with the import ban. It’s too bitter for us.

Melnik appreciates German aid to refugees. People in this beautiful country do not need to be persuaded to help, their hearts are in the right place. However, the German government can do more with a simple gesture. It won’t cost a dime, and it will give Ukrainians hope said the ambassador. On the third day of the war, Raisi urgently applied for EU membership. Now we want the government to make a statement in the Bundestag: “We want to recognize Ukraine as a candidate country– declared the diplomat.

However, President Zelensky on Monday spoke with Chancellor Schultz over the phone again. It was like talking to the wall Melnik says. The president said we want to be candidates! We want the European Commission to deal with our proposal very quickly so that Ukraine can be accepted within five years at the latest. Many EU countries support such a solution, for example Poland and Slovakia. Germany only replied: No, nosaid the ambassador.

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