UK Daily Immunization Record.  More than a million people have been vaccinated

about the Saturday was a standard day In the vaccination campaign that has been going on for more than a year, it was already reported on Sunday, but after checking the statistics, it turned out that Vaccines received 38 thousand. more people than stated in the original, which makes it exceed Million.

Although the number of vaccinations given on Sunday was about 100,000. Less, but still 4th best daily resultAll this has been achieved in the past four days, which clearly shows that the vaccination campaign – especially the booster dose – Accelerates.

British Prime Minister on December 12 Boris Johnson response to spread Variant of Omikron The coronavirus has pushed back the deadline by which all adults will be allowed a booster dose from late January next year to late December this year, though he acknowledged that achieving that goal would require an “extraordinary effort”.

after 28.98 million people received a booster dose, which is approx. 55 percent of the country’s adult population. Even if the revitalization dose was received every day until the end of the year by 940,000. person, up to Saturday, 40.26 million people, about 76.5 percent, will be vaccinated. grown ups. However, it must be remembered that no longer all adults are eligible for a booster dose, because according to current guidelines there must be an interval of three months between the second and third vaccinations.

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