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“The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the intention of the Russian counter-sanctions is to compel the US government to change its behavior by recognizing new geopolitical realities,” the Russian diplomat wrote in a statement.

office. headquarters. center Ministry of Foreign Affairs He explained that she took such a step in response to US sanctions imposed on Russia. Moscow is convinced that sanctions will harm the United States. “We confirm that the hostile actions of Washington will return as if they are rebounding in the form of appropriate responses,” the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote.

to me Reuters The new list of sanctions is a symbol of a further deterioration in US-Russian relations since the start of the war in Ukraine. More sanctions were also imposed on Canadians.

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Russia imposes sanctions on the United States. Joe Biden and Morgan Freeman will not go to Russia

There were 963 Americans on Russia’s list of people subject to retaliatory sanctions against the United States, which was published on Saturday. Among those who will not enter the territory of Russia there, among others, are US President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Vice President Kamala Harris and his boss. CIA William Burns.

I also found FBI Director Christopher Wray, son of President of the United States Hunter Biden, several US secretaries and their representatives, and officials from the US Department of Defense, the State Department, and White House And journalists from the American media.

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Russian gas no longer flows into Poland. Jacek Ozdoba: Stores are 76% full

Interestingly, the actor Morgan Freeman was also among those who imposed the sanctions. In support of the latter’s placement on the list, the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote that “the actor recorded a film in September 2017 in which he accused Russia of plotting against the United States and called for fighting with Russia.”

It is noteworthy that among the people who made the list, there are a few who have already died. They include former Senator and Secretary of State John McCain who died in 2018, former Representative of the United States House of Representatives Alice Lamar Hastings (died in 2021), former Deputy Director of the CIA Melissa Dresko (died in 2018), and Stephen Thomas O’Neill, Montgomery County Judge . , Pennsylvania (died 2018) and Jeremy Sivits, retired military officer (died January 2022).

Russia imposes sanctions on Canadians. The Prime Minister’s wife is on the list

The Russian Foreign Ministry also announced that it had added 26 people to the list of Canadians subject to sanctions. The list includes, among others, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife the first show Justin Trudeau.

This is the answer to Canada Sanctions imposed on 14 of the Russian oligarchs. In addition to personal penalties, the export of luxury goods to Russia, including clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, kitchen equipment, artwork, imports of alcohol and jewelry produced in a country run by Vladimir Putin, was also banned.

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