ZBP records more cash withdrawals.  It calms down: the banks will not run out of money

“There will be no shortage of cash in Poland. Due to the increasing volume of transactions, there are some delays in some locations in the delivery of cash to ATMs from the logistics centers of commercial banks and cash handling companies. However, these are temporary inconveniences, and the Polish National Bank has reserves Enough cash.” – NBP confirmed on Saturday.

There will be a lot of money in Poland. The NBP, the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Association of Polish Banks are reassuring

In conjunction with war in ukraine There have been concerns about the introduction of limits on cash withdrawals in Poland. However, it is completely unfounded. False information in this regard spread on social media, and the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority warned it on Friday.

“Given the tense situation in Ukraine, one can expect an increase in disinformation activities in Poland, which relate, among other things, to the availability of cash. Do not be deceived and do not give false information yourself– warned the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF).

KNF confirmed it The Polish banking sector is running smoothly It performs all its functions towards clients.

There will be a lot of cash in Polish banks

also Polish Banks Association (ZBP), Friday, confirmed that the banking system is operating normally, customers and Cash and non-cash payments are handled without problems.

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Because of the tense situation We see more interest in cash withdrawalsBut it is a perfectly understandable case. It was similar at the beginning of the epidemic in 2020. At that time, more people were withdrawing money from accounts, but everything was back to normal very quickly, within a dozen hours or so – he indicated in an interview with Money Przemyslaw Barbrich, spokesman for the Association of Polish Banks.

stressed that Cash withdrawals by banks are carried out continuously and without restrictions. The Polish Banking Association has not noticed any disturbances and the increase in customer activity is not a problem for the banking sector.

PKO BP has also noticed a growing interest in cash withdrawals at both branches and ATMs. The bank believes it is well prepared for this situation, although domestically and in the short term, due to logistical constraints, cash withdrawals may be difficult, the bank said Friday.

A similar message was issued by NBP on Friday:

“Due to the increased demand for cash, Narodowy Bank Polski reported that it has sufficient reserves to cover the entire demand of bank customers for cash. All bank orders are executed without value limits, in full nominal structure, throughout the country“.

Cash at ATM is replenished all the time. He pointed out that in line with the orders of the banks, cash is being delivered to the branches on an ongoing basis.

Przymesław Barberich explains it There may be a temporary shortage of cash at ATMs or branches, but this is only due to technical reasons. Funds may not be increased simply if the proper company or branch does not provide for the operation of the machine on time. This may particularly apply to ports located in the eastern counties.

ZBP ensures that deficiencies are filled very quickly and there is no need to worry.

“Narodowy Bank Polski closely cooperates with all entities serving the cash market in Poland. Due to the increasing volume of transactions, there may be delays in the delivery of cash to ATMs from the logistics centers of commercial banks and cash processing in some locations companies “- reads the NBP announcement.

Cashless payments are safe

This was also confirmed by the Polish Banks Association Cashless payments are usually handled by banks and there is no need to worry.

– Cashless payments are completely safe and are constantly monitored, taking into account all the security alerts that have been announced – Przemysław Barbrich confirmed.

ZBP encourages customers to use payment cards, but at the same time indicates that there is no problem with servicing cash.

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