Jonathan Roberz announces bad news

Jonathan Roberz made an important announcement at noon on Friday on the microphone of his show, which aired on 96.9 CKOI’s antenna.

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The comedian has announced that he is putting an end to his first journey A man showEntitled Kissing. The father mentioned that he wants to stay with his son Xavier (12) who is currently recovering from cancer.

In fact, he does not want to stray too far from the latter, whereas a tour of the shows will lead him to travel across the province for a long time.

The most wonderful gesture of a father of two boys!

Here is the news he shared on his social media sites.

I’m soaking up my heartbreaking mess that the scheduled tour for my “Pisso” show has been officially canceled.The last two years have been very tiring for me and my family.

When we started the “Piso” show, conditions were not the same. In the meantime, many incredible things have come into my life (cancer, epidemic, dissection, rebirth, surgeries, treatments and so on).

I mean today, I have to be frank with you, ticket holders. I want to be for my family. We like to spend quality time and rest together. Instead of going on tour, it is my responsibility as a parent to prioritize my little boys, my sanity, theirs and good family times. We all deserve a little dessert.

I’m only 38 years old and there are many more great opportunities to go to all four corners of Quebec to make you laugh. But for now: family first!

Thanks to the thousands of people who have tickets, if they have not already contacted you, you can contact the respective locations to arrange a refund or transfer.

I would like to thank the broadcasters who understood from Xavier’s diagnosis. To places where I could cheat dates to accommodate me. Thank you from the heart.

Thanks for the entourage. Any team! There are no words to thank you for your understanding and support. They’ve been there since day 1, in the middle of an interview where the show came out, the day I got a call from Ste-Justin, they never backed down. Thanks.

Thanks to my manager. Truth be told, I do not know how you got along with me on all of this. You are my yoda. (Large lap is not green).

Thank you, thousands of people have come to see the run-ins, thousands of people who bought tickets. I love you. It was inhumane to see you at night after the meeting at the hospital, but your laughter warmed my heart.

Every lunch I would continue to radio at CKOI and eventually get other projects, but for now my priority is my family.

I wish you health. Take care of yourself during these dark times. Go to shows, go to restaurants, spend quality time with the people you love.

PS: Xavier is recovering and we’ll take it one at a time.
Jules is the best form and the best little brother in the world.

Shortly before this summer, Jonathan announced that his son Xavier had cancer again. On July 22, a 12-year-old boy underwent surgery. Since no chemotherapy works against this cancer, intervention is inevitable and urgent. He had two one-centimeter wounds.

“For those who don’t know, Xa has brain cancer again. There were lumps again in his spine. They operated on it and removed it 100%. We were treated for six weeks and last Wednesday, we were told there was no trace. So here we cross fingers. We have five years and we are back in the healing process … ”Dad was emotional. Tower.

Jonathan Roberg has often publicly underlined his boy’s courage and resilience, and his loving face was discovered by the public on the web series. Dad. Jonathan Roberg is also the father of four-year-old little Jules, who was born into a relationship with his ex-wife Leah Landero.

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