The former head of ZUS was expelled from the supervisory board of BGK.  The Prime Minister decided

As stated in the information “Prime Minister Donald Tusk has removed Gertruda Ossinska from the supervisory board of BGK On June 25, 2024, Marek Hermach was appointed to the Supervisory Board of BGK.

Earlier, on June 19 this year, The Supervisory Board of Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank has suspended two members of the Board of Directors: Radosław Kwiecień and Tomasz Robaczyński. In addition to Kwiecień and Robaczyński, the BGK Board of Directors includes: Mirosław Czekaj (Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors), Marta Postola (First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Maciej Klisch (Vice Chairman). Radosław Kwiecień has been a member of the Board of Directors of BGK since 2016; Turn Tomasz Rubachinski from 2020

Canceled Monday, Professor. Gertruda Ossinska was President of the Social Insurance Foundation (ZUS) in the years 2016-2024. During its tenure, ZUS handled the payment of social benefits introduced by the PiS government – ​​including: 500 additional and additional allowances for pensioners (the so-called 13th and 14th pensions). She has served on the Supervisory Board of BGK since mid-February 2023.

The decision to remove the President of ZUS from his post was taken by Prime Minister Donald Tusk on January 10, 2024. The request was made the previous day by the Head of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Agnieska Dzimjanovic-Bak. We had to wait a while for her successor. In the end, Zbigniew Derdziuk, who had already held this position during the Polish Socialist Workers’ Party government in 2009-2015, became president of ZUS on 30 April.

BGK is a Polish development bank with a mission to support sustainable social and economic development in the country. The Foundation’s goal is, among other things, market stability, as well as adapting activities to emerging needs, trends and challenges through BGK’s strategic pillars and programmes.

The Bank initiates and develops cooperation between the business sector, the public sector and financial institutions in order to… Countering the negative effects of the cyclical nature of the economy.

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